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The World Angel Summit Available Now!
to you on February 22-28, 2017!

This Amazing Summit will teach you:

  • How to overcome your fear of making decisions
  • How to take the leap of faith to live your dreams
  • How to tell the difference between divine guidance and your own thoughts
  • Which Archangels can help you get unblocked

7 Days. 15 life-changing angel lessons and meditations– all for FREE! Thank you for joining us in love and compassion to share blessings with the world.

I just love free summits and learning courses.  This free World Angel Summit is packed full of great guests and experts on how to overcome you fears, have more faith, the difference between your intuition and thoughts, which Archangels can help guide you and unblock your energy.

I’m a huge believer in the guiding spirits of the universe and angels have led me and my clients to true faith, self confidence and belief in oneself.

2/22/17 – Review by Jade: The World Angel Summit

This Summit began today and you can still sign up.  I woke this morning with their email ready for me in my inbox with the link to the audio.  It was so easy and simple to begin listening to this inspiring lesson with Doreen Virtue.  One of the mysteries of life is knowing what loving support we have around us.  It took me years to believe and understand my angel guides, archangels and intuitive nudges coming from these divine sources.  Today, as I listen to Doreen and Reid talk about how our angels can help us relieve stress and worries, I am at ease and it truly resonates with my truth.  Learn more about it yourself and register to hear more of the 15 lessons to connect with the support you truly  have with the divine, with your angels.  Another delightful surprise was the guided meditation you can use everyday.  It was amazing.  Namaste, Jade

Lesson 1: Doreen Virtue with Reid Tracy : Using Angel Therapy Daily For Stress & Anxiety Relief

Lesson 2: Michael David Virtue with Doreen Virtue : Tapping into Angel Archangel Alchemy

Lesson 3: Radleigh Valentine : How to Do Accurate Oracle Card Readings

Lesson 4 : Brigette Parvin : How to Work with Angels to Overcome Addictions

Lessons 5-15 are Coming Up – Check Back!



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