Testimonial about Life Coach Jade by Drew Avery

drew-avery-jade-inspirationOne of Jade’s greatest strengths is that she brings real world experience to her coaching. She truly understands “first hand” the deep emotional blocks that disrupt our happiness and keeps us from reaching our true potential. What makes Jade unique is her background …she has enjoyed great success in both the “corporate world” and as a driven entrepreneur, which gives her a much richer understanding of the challenges we face in today’s fast paced world. Best of all… she’s an amazing “listener”. I have worked with Jade for many years and her loving, positive, and even light hearted approach to personal struggles makes it so easy to open up and discuss the “tough issues”. I can’t tell you how many times she has listened to me go “on and on” and then gently offered up an incredibly insightful perspective that completely changed my way of thinking. The word “inspiring” gets used a lot…but I can honestly say Jade has been a great inspiration to me…not only in her passionate desire to help others, but in the way she lives her life. I count myself very fortunate to have worked with Jade…my life has been made better for it. Drew Avery – Health & Fitness Product Developer, Writer, Body For Life Champion


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