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A Moment of Being

a moonlit moment

2:30am and I couldn’t sleep…. so many thoughts running through my mind.. Walked through the silence of my home to the back patio for relief, for peace… Sitting there amongst my beautiful potted plants in the glow of the moon, the scent of flowers, the cool breeze on my face… all my senses were fulfilled… and then in that moment, the music began…. the delicious, happy songs of birds near and far, small and large… singing… rhythmically, a cornucopia of blissfulness that helped me relinquish any sense of the past and any worry of the future… it was that heart quenching moment of just being in the now… for five minutes I lost my heart and mind to the all encompassing beauty of nature and all was well… Now, any time of the day, I sit out back for a few moments to release, let go and just be…..All is well… All is as it should be…

-Jade Inspiration-








  1. Anonymous

    Moment of Being was so well written and for sure from the heart. Glad you can have that place to release and let go. Awesome by far.