Meditation and Affirmations for Inner PeaceAffirmations for Self Confidence | Inner Peace – Written, Produced & Created by Jade Inspiration   Play Audio Below     Printable PDF

How to use this audio meditation:  Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes, relax and repeat to yourself these powerful affirmations and feel each word with your heart. Every affirmation is who you truly are.  You can play this audio from your Smartphone, in your car, your office, the park, anywhere you can sit and listen. Also feel free to download the pdf of the affirmations and post it in your home or office.

Affirmations are powerful and you can change your emotional state by changing your inner self talk.  Enjoy this 4 minute meditation.

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Powerful Affirmations for Self Confidence and Inner Peace

I am a powerful creator of my beautiful life experience…

I feel at peace with myself and life.

My body is relaxed and my heart is open

I let go of all the negative blocks that stop my flow of creativity and joy

I know what I want and I attract it into my life like a funnel of love

I am love, I am precious, I am powerful

I accept myself exactly as I am

I love myself no matter what

I accept myself no matter what

I am beautiful and strong in all ways

I am attracting and creating abundance in my life continuously and lavishly

I breathe in love and exhale fear

I accept my fears and let them go with joy in my heart

I relax my body from head to toe

I let go of the tension in my face, my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, my chest, my abdomen, my groin, my thighs, my knees, my calves and in my toes…..

I’m allowing the flow of all that is good into my life…..

I envision myself receiving all the money I desire…..I see my bank balance getting bigger and bigger, larger and larger.

I feel myself in the arms of my soul mate with perfect energy exchange and pure love..

I am divine, I am limitless, I am love, I am everything I desire to by

My body feels energized now with perfect and exquisite health in every cell of my body. Every inch of my radiates with a loving, pure light of perfect health.

I radiate with pure gratitude and appreciation for all I am and all I have created and will create

I am grateful for all the loving and caring people in my life and for those who connect lovingly to my light. I send them blessings, love and light.

I forgive myself and all those who have hurt me and I release my negative thoughts, beliefs and energy to my higher power and replace them with love and acceptance.

I am whole, healthy, brilliant, limitless, peaceful, intelligent, powerful, beautiful and loving.

I see the world through the eyes of pure love… I am love…

I am financially secure and cared for in all ways.

I am a magnificent, creative being and the world so needs my light, my gifts, my spirit…

Today is the most amazing day of my life and I am ready, I am ready to give and receive love with all my heart


Thank you for joining us for a wonderful affirmations sessions.  We would love to hear you thought and comments.  Please leave your thoughts below.

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