Angel Empaths

Empaths are Angels who help other people.

I believe we are all born empaths and it is in the degree that we are aware of our empathic abilities do we utilize them and often hate them at the same time.  Your empathic abilities are your natural and quite involuntary ability to absorb, feel and take on the energy and emotions of others.  It’s not enough that we feel peoples joy, fear,  sadness, helplessness and even deep grief, we also attract these energies to us.  Throughout our lives we experience intense emotional upheavals and heaviness that doesn’t make sense.  “I wasn’t thinking of anything bad, why do I feel yucky?”  For an empath it’s walking in the darkness even when our spirit light is bright.  It’s confusing.

Can it be that you were born in to your physical body after confirming and accepting your purpose in this life time as a healer?  If you resonate “yes”, then you are right. But why is it so hard and uncomfortable to be someone of light and healing to have to endure the onslaught of negative emotions and energies of others in the world?  Doesn’t seem fair.  At all.

Because our life energy is interconnected with all living energy, living an empathic life is a natural aspect of human existence. You know your purpose in this lifetime is to help others heal.  It resonates with your mind, heart, body and spirit.  Therefore, in order to help others effectively, you must have a way to understand and pick up on what people are feeling, thinking and resonating. Hence your ability to feel the energy of others.  As a lightworker, your own energy and vibration is faster and lighter vs slower and heavier like negative energy.  Therefore, your lighter energy tends to pull into itself energies from outside itself to fill the lightness of your vibration.  This is why you have an even stronger connection and capture of other peoples beingness.

For an empath it is also quite interesting to live a life so naturally sensitive and be looked at with eyes of dismay, judgment and rejection from people who are not of the same vibration or degree of empathic acknowledgment or awareness.   It’s all good though.  Your empathic journey is the right of passage to enlightenment.  Everyone’s journey is different.  Your journey is inspired with hope, love and courage.  You are ready, you are worthy and you are here to help lift the vail of darkness from the world.

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Namaste,  Jade


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  1. Martina

    I truly identify with this so much!sometimes overwhelming! But your good intentions can be misconstrued & you’re left wondering , confused & drained at the same time too. But when ever that opportunity arises you still reach out because you know it’s the right thing to do & think if that was me …. it is draining at times & you wonder I always get myself in these situations & sometimes ending up the scapegoat !! But u can’t change because that’s what u are & impossible to be otherwise.sometimes when u try to take a step back it goes against your will/ wish. We have to accept what we are evenue though I wish sometimes I was a bit tougher. I’m no fool either I will & have spoken up when I feel/ felt things were unjust. Thank you for this , it reassures me more,

  2. Jade Inspiration

    Thank you so much Martina. You are so right. Our life mission is soul driven and will always be a part of us and our journey in this physical realm. I love your perspective, understanding and genuine heart centered vision. As empathic angels we are called to make peace with our life purpose and express it to the world in our own unique way. You are doing just that. Much love to you Martina. Awesome comment.

  3. Josie

    Hi Jade, thank you so much for sharing this. I often feel that I am very empathetic, I feel other people’s pain, anger, negativity and sadness as if it were my own, but it often leaves me making the wrong choices in the way I behave from being affected by these energies. What do you do if the person who affects you the most with their negative vibes is someone close to you? You love them, try to be understanding and see their hurt with eyes of love, but it’s so hard when it brings you down along with it. How do you stay above the drama and keep your “lighter” vibration?

  4. Nanette

    This absolutely for me, my family always thought I was weird, don’t really see them anymore. Love and light to you Jade

  5. Jade Inspiration

    Hello Josie, You are so very welcome, dear one. You ask a very important and powerful question regarding how to stay above the drama and keep your “lighter” vibration. Many of my clients ask and struggled with the same question so you are not alone. I too must stay vigilant and compassionate with myself as well. We are spirit, love and human all at the same time and we must at times, let go of taking responsibility for others and take care of ourselves most lovingly. This does not mean that we go against our true nature to nurture, inspire, and help others. This means we too need boundaries for our earthly existence, our humanness, our physical bodies as well as our spiritual energies. The universe, God, Source wants what is best and most loving for us and loving ourselves is of greatest focus and is their strongest reminder. As a Reiki Master and energy intuitive, it is highly important for you to take times for yourself. Make it a priority to take one day a week just for you. Make plans for your day, “Just for Me Day” and consider detoxing your energy system by learning self energy healing. Hot baths in epson salt, breathing relaxation, visualizations and just simple “nothingness” and nothing you need to do moments. You are clearing your energetic system and releasing the energies you’ve absorbed from your environment and others. Sometimes, we do have to make the decision to limit the amount of time we spend with certain people. Call in your angels of light and ask that they give you clarity for your cleansing routine and give your angels your fears and your guilty feelings. It is so difficult for us to not help others in need, but always remember that you can only help others when you, yourself, are strong and self loving. Often, we outgrow others and their journey of growth requires you to move on. You are an earth angel, spirit and human and will have these conflicts that we grow into as we make challenging decisions. In meditation, ask your divine self “What do I need to do for my highest good and the wellbeing of others?” Your answers will come and your truth will feel so very right. Do that which you feel is right for you, take one day a week for yourself to cleanse your energy & recharge, decide on who shall share your energy space and know theirs is nothing to feel guilty about when you are being self loving. There is so much I’d like to share with you Josie. If you would like more help or guidance feel free to let me know. I feel you already have know in your heart what your next steps need to be. Answers are always within. Much love to you my angel sister. Thank you so much for your beautiful questions and for reading my article. We have connected for many, amazing reasons. Namaste Jade

  6. Jade Inspiration

    Hi there Nanette, Thank you so much for reading my article. I love the synchronicity of how the universe truly filters people in and out our lives. Earth angels find it difficult to live amongst negativity and judgment since we ourselves do not have that vibration as much. Much love and light to you my Nanette. Namaste Jade

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