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Awaken Your Creative Genius Online Retreat

Jade-Inspiration-AdvisorYour creative genius is waiting. You need space. Your genius is waiting for a moment when you’re able to relax and pay attention – pay attention to YOU!  Creativity needs space. It’s Summer! It’s time for Fun, time to reflect on the year so far, and where you are heading for the rest of the year.  Time to let your busy mind take a break, and allow your heart to shine the light on what you desire! Let your brilliant, desires shine through!

We all need time to define what it is that we REALLY want in our lives, how we want to allow our creativity to shine, so that we can go after it with passion, energy, and inspiration.

That is why I decided to collaborate with the Awaken Your Creative Genius Online Retreat, where the intention is centered on this: Reclaim Your Passion, Boost Your Energy, and Live the Inspired Way.

What you’ll get:

  1. Daily interviews with experts where you’ll discover doable action steps to discover your creative genius
  2. Activities to help you tap into your creativity
  3. How to put play-time/creative time into any schedule
  4. How to handle any “Stuck-Moment”
  5. Unlimited amounts of Aha Moments

Simply Follow this Link to Awesomeness! :

Awaken Your Creactive Genius Online Retreat

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