Not Feeling Fulfilled.  How to get back to myself again.

Getting Back to Fulfilled

A wonderful question about how to get back to fulfillment after the children have left the nest.

My dear friend i am talented in so many ways , i raised my children and figured when they were raised i d pursue my passion ..yet i m not feeling fulfilled jade le you have any advice for me on finding my way back to me ?”

Such a wonderful and exciting time in your life.I am very excited for you. As I meditated on your question, the first suggestion is to be okay with where you are at right now. A turning point in your life is about relaxing at a red light, calmly opening to yellow light of possibility, and asking your divine self for the next step to turn on the green light and go. It can be letting go of old energies, old self, so the new self and soul direction come through. Opening happens with acceptance. “It’s all good”. Another step is to acknowledge and review your new priorities, all this energy “where should I put it?” It takes practice sometimes to be divinely guided by your intuition and not question the logic, behind it. Often our ego will stop us from moving forward with our life purpose, mentally. I can feel you are on the right track with your openness, questions and even hesitations. Accept, Allow, Activate. Hope this has helped by beautiful.  You are on the right track it feels to me. Much love… If you have any questions, please send me a private chat. Hugs.. Oh, spirit just said, “Reminder of her earth angel desires” K, there you go.”

I hope sharing this post has been helpful to you and I would love to hear you comments below.  Much love to you.

Namaste, Jade

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