One of my dearest friends sent me this beautiful ballad by Billy Joel and it reminded me of my childhood.  Thoughts and memories of how it was such a precious time of innocence and bewilderment came to mind.  Having those moments of just sheer joy and bliss as a child is still there within us all even now in our adulthood.

Children and babies are miracles, yes…. and I want to remind us all that we are continuing on a path of self discovery and can always remember how to see our world as the curious, joyous babies we used to be.  Loving, receiving and feeling love was all there was, know that today, it remains the highest truth. You are precious beyond belief. I hope you enjoy this heartfelt song.  I dedicate it to you and thank you for filling my life with laughter, love and gratitude.

Thank you, BG for sending it to me.


  1. Greg B.

    Jade you are so very welcome. And what you said about children is so true. You have a heart of a Angel

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