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Coach Jade TestimonialJade Inspiration Interviews ex-meth addict Greg. Greg tells his story for the first time in public about how his life took a turn for the worst and how crystal meth consumed his life until he had nothing left…. Here is his heartfelt, raw story of struggles to triumph…. A courageous man with a heart of gold who lost himself and returned better than before.

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Jade is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Transitional Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Spiritual Growth Practitioner, Inspirational Speaker, Podcaster and Entrepreneur ready to inspire you to overcome your blocks to transformational change and guide you to acknowledge, celebrate and revel in your amazing beauty, intelligence, passion and spur you on to action to accomplish your greatest goals and aspirations. I teach you how to update erroneous, negative, subconscious beliefs that hold you back into empowering, healthy decision making thought processes, for greater self love, self acceptance, self respect and self responsibility.


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