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Your Soul may create more problems, discomfort or internal conflict
toward your existing situation to get you to pay attention to the fact
that change is needed

Being divinely guided is a practice we often need to cultivate and re-awaken to in order to live a more purpose driven life.  We all have a purpose in this physical realm and our soul desired the human experience.  Though in the spirit realm before being birthed into these physical bodies, we decided what our goals would be while living this lifetime and upon our physical birth, we forgot what the goals were.  This is why we search for our life purpose rather than know what it is automatically.

Therefore, each path we are on is an integral part of re-awakening to our purpose, our relationships that support it, and being directed spiritually to our highest and greatest good and potential. In order for our divine self to get our attention to that fact and know that adjustments are required to move us in the right direction, the universe creates blocks in our lives so we can re-evaluate our current path. Please know, that a need for change is not caused by you doing something wrong.  These messages are to help direct you towards a newer, greater path that you have grown into and are now ready for.

Because we are ever evolving beings, in spirit and physical, it remains purposeful to stop and re-evaluate your desires, purpose and direction when things aren’t working or no longer feel good to your soul.  We evolve higher in consciousness, our vibration grows lighter and what used to work for us in the past, no longer does.

If you feel your life doesn’t fit right with your soul any longer, do some soul searching and focus on letting go of outdated beliefs, changing automatic reactions to empowering ones and be compassionate with yourself and your process every step of the way.

Much love,

Jade Inspiration

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