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Jade Inspiration interviews author and podcaster Paul Colaianni about his book “Clear the Path to Happiness” and podcast “The Overwhelmed Brain. Paul gives amazing advice on how to live a happier, stress free life, his own personal experiences with depression and healing and how living an authentic life will bring you the most joy.

eBook: Clear The Path To Happiness: Powerful, Practical Steps To Become Happier, Feel Better, And Enjoy Living by Paul Colaianni On Amazon Now

Summary: Happiness is inside everyone, but some of us have trouble accessing it. This eBook will help you clear the obstacles that reveal the true happiness inside you, so that you can experience happiness to the fullest. You don’t have to seek happiness, you just have to reveal it from within. Click the book cover on the left to download from Amazon now!

Paul Colaianni, The Overwhelmed Brain Self-Discovery Series of eBooks is designed to help you create and maintain your personal boundaries, honor your values and morals, improve and sustain your relationships, release negative emotions, and create breakthroughs so that you can create the life you want. Digest the practical steps discussed on the show at your own pace to create that peace and well-being you deserve. Contact and Info

If you’re tired of being told to “think positively!” and just want someone to hand you the key to unlock your full potential, it’s time to start your journey to your healing and growth now!

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Jade Inspiration Right on Baby came about from a life time of searching, studying and healing. Since childhood, Jade has come full circle and continues to heal and grow from a life time of traumatic experiences in her life. Jade’s innate ability to help others grow and move beyond their comfort zone became apparent at an early age due to her own recovery from abuse, violence and traumatic low self esteem and disjointed self worth.  Subscribe Now!


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    Wow, loved this conversation Jade! Thank you so much!! Love your show and was thrilled to be on it.