Craving Control

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t”

-Steve Maraboli-

Craving control over our environment and life is a natural desire we have to keep ourselves safe.  But if staying safe means remaining stuck and not moving forward with new projects or endeavors that we wish to experience and achieve, then reviewing within ourselves not only why we are afraid but also what inspires us to want more in the first place becomes paramount in order to get unstuck and moving towards creation and purpose.

It would be a waste of energy to try and change things we can’t.  Our power comes from our ability to choose, make decisions, decide to take action regardless of fear, stay stuck or strap on your warrior self and go for it.  In every moment, you are making decisions.


1. Take one endeavor you’ve been wanting to accomplish or begin for quite some time that you haven’t taken action on yet.

2. Write down in bullet points why you desire it in the first place.  Think of the benefits you will receive such as freedom, health, money, helping others.  Jot down atleast 5 motivating factors for wanting to accomplish this endeavor. Review each motivating factor and confirm that they truly are your motivations vs. the motivations that others taught you you should have.  You will know if you are coming from your authentic self vs. subconscious beliefs embedded from others by how it feels, exciting, natural or struggling.. when you think of each factor. Continue to redo and update this list over the next few days by constantly tapping into your soul self, your inner guidance.

When you come to embrace your true desires with your authentic motivations and purpose, you will flow much easier and with more authentic power than before.  It is a process of being okay with where you are at, who you are at this moment and your true hearts desires..

3. After confirming your desires and motivations in the above exercise, take one action towards beginning or accomplishing your endeavor.  It can be a small movement or action such as researching online a “How to…” video or article about your subject, going to the library and finding books on the topic you are interested in, about your feelings, motivations and fears about this endeavor…

The purpose of taking action, no matter how small is to create energy movement and vibrations that feel more and more comfortable as you go along.  It is being in your true authentic vibration where your answers, courage and purpose will crystallize and the universe follows your every command.


I always welcome your comments and emails.  Hugs, Jade



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