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creative-katrina-coachCures for Creative Blocks with Creative Katrina & Jade Inspiration – Right on Baby Podcast

Katrina Pfannkuch is Creative Katrina a Creativity Coach and Catalyst, Intuitive, Empath, Writer. Creative Katrina and Jade Inspiration discuss creative blocks, how to move through and open them up, and a 3 step process of breaking through any creative block to continue your flow, let go of resistance and share your authentic self.  Creative Katrina is also a co-host of the amazing podcast, Flirting with Enlightenment.

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“Creativity is the process of becoming ourselves.” – Creative Katrina

“True creativity is simply being your natural self in all you do. I love igniting creativity, enhancing mindfulness and helping people bust through creative blocks in all areas of life.”  – Creative Katrina

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creative-katrina-cures for creative blocksA Note from Creative Katrina

My passion is guiding others to shift their perception about their natural creative gifts and live more in the creative flow.

I help people move past creative and/or mental blocks to become clear, focused and more expressive in their business, creative work or life. I zero in on what needs to shift using specific intuitive and healing insights, and offer practical, easily applicable tools to empower clients to become clear, grounded and invite in more creativity, balance and flow.

Over 15 years as a professional writer and creativity consultant, combined with my intuitive gifts and training as a Reiki Master, intuitive, empath and healer, enables me to guide you through personal development challenges while offering you clear explanations of what’s happening and how to shift it.

I enjoy helping solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and creatives tap into what’s in their hearts and show up as their real, true self. That way, no matter what you are looking to create in your business or life, it’s coming from an honest, creative, passionate space within.

I also speak and write about creativity, mindfulness, self-care, entrepreneurship and a variety of topics related to personal development. My blog covers lots of simple, mindful ways to make creative expression part of your everyday life, and it’s also where I share unique experiences from my personal journey as I learned to connect with my own creativity.

My creativity coaching services and intuitive readings as well as a new collaborative podcast I have launching soon called “Flirting with Enlightenment”.

I’m passionate about mindfulness and getting to the core of what makes people tick. Once you understand and accept who you are, your creativity can really flourish in all areas of your life.

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  1. Greg Bunton

    Thank you Jade for another awesome interviewer with Katrina Pfannkuch. Lots of great information on how to unblock any issues we may have either in our work or our lives or whatever your block is. Great tips and advise. Another home run Jade. Thank you Jade & Katrina.