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Darkness to Warrior

You’ve Risen from the Darkest Depths

to Stand as the


Jade Inspiration

All of the pain, challenges and gut wrenching experiences in our lives all have purpose.  It is important to remember that you have grown in wisdom, compassion, courage, confidence and spirit because you were forced to find a way out of the pain and to learn who you truly are rather than what we think we are.  Our human experience was chosen by our soul selves to experience the path from resentment to forgiveness, from self abuse to self love, from heartache to acceptance, from darkness to light.  Challenges are to make you fight and rise above where you were before it.

Being a warrior, your true essence, is not about not feeling pain, vulnerable or rejected. It’s about accepting you are human with human imperfections and emotions.  It’s about digging deep within yourself and embracing everything you are and revealing your warrior heart.  Your warrior heart knows you were created for a life of joy and a life of victory.  You are here to make peace with your shadows and teach others to do the same.

Remember your victories for you have many.  Remember what you stand for. Remember who you are.  And know, that challenges will always present themselves for your highest good and to make you stronger, more intuitively led to live authentically empowered in spirit, mind and body.  You are a warrior, defend your inner kingdom with self love.