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Interviewing Tree was an amazing experience. She is a long time friend of mine and hearing her story about her battle and triumph with and over depression and suicidal thoughts was heart felt and light-hearted at the same time. Tree Franklyn shares how she healed herself and is now living a life of joy and inner peace and how she continues to grow and heal from the inside out. Tree is an author and she has a wonderful, uplifting website Check out her website and find out more about her upcoming webinars and courses.

Tree is an incredible example of courage and wisdom and I know you will enjoy this intimate conversation and take away great tips and inside about depression and what you can do to overcome it and more forward with your life.

An Introvert’s Open Letter to Extroverts: 5 Things You Should Know About Me  

Dear Extrovert,

First, let me start by thanking you for being in my life. You are the yang to my yin. You get me out more, meeting new people, having new experiences and stretching my comfort zone. You help color my external world with a vast richness that I would never find on my own. In return, hopefully, I show you the vibrant colors that exist inside you. I am an expanding being partly because of you …… continue article

Start a Boldness Revolution: Be Happy No Matter What

There’s a lot of talk these days about being big, bold and innovative. Corporations spend thousands of dollars hiring speakers to teach their employees how to be bold, think outside the box and find innovative ways to change things up. Entrepreneurs and seekers go to workshops, retreats and seminars to discover the secrets to being bold in their own personal lives and…..continue article



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