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Doing the New Normal with Chuck Wang

chuck-wang-the new normalJade Inspiration interviews Success Coach/Mentor & Podcaster Chuck Wang on how to do the new normal. Chuck shares his intimate struggles to triumphs story, his rise back to success, his best advice to truly harness your best life and business possible.  Enjoy!


About Chuck Wang: 

Privileged and honored to be the son of two dedicated successful immigrant serial restauranteurs, older brother to David (currently serving proudly in the US Army), born in Taiwan, raised in St. Louis, Missouri — Chuck Wang is inspired by that which inspires others to serve with the intent of paying forward a happy, fulfilled, meaningful life.  Chuck believes that a life worth living starts with a conversation worth having.  Chuck believes that a conversation worth having starts with a vision worth sharing.  Chuck believes that a vision worth sharing starts with a tribe worth protecting.

Chuck Wang and his small business (Chuck Wang and CO.) ensure that mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers working within San Diego’s legal community make it home at a reasonable hour so that the conversations worth having and a life worth living are had.

In 1997, Chuck Wang established a litigation support start up’s presence in San Diego, CA. by generating a little over one million dollars in revenue and growing the company from a staff of 3 to a staff of 9.   Doing so in an extremely vertical niche market within 13 months led to a public relations and marketing position at a local digital imaging firm (cutting edge tech at the time).

Understanding how to combine very specific workflows, processes, and technologies from the two industries and use it as leverage to provide value in terms of time savings and service in terms of efficiency and productivity (not in incremental but in orders of magnitude), Chuck pivoted and took the entrepreneurial leap (circa October 1998).  *Today, these understood workflows and processes combined with the “problem of big data” is the basis of and foundation for what is know as e-discovery, ESI, and EDRM.

2014 marks Chuck Wang and CO.’s 15th year of taking care of and being cared for by his tribe, his core family in the legal community.

Chuck Wang is a graduate of San Diego State University with a B.A. in International Business and a lover of bull dogs.


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  1. Greg Bunton

    Thank you Chuck Wang and Jade for a amazing story on how Chuck over came his struggles and to get where he is today. And to know we can all make it with the right mindset and hard work to make the best lives for ourselves. Thank you again Jade for another great Podcast. And Chuck Wang Thank you for the great advise on how never give up on your dreams. Well done you two.

  2. Jade Inspiration

    Thank you so much Greg for your review. I am happy this interview with Chuck Wang resonated with you. I enjoyed interviewing him. Thank you again, Greg. 🙂 Great feedback! Yours, Jade Inspiration

  3. Matt Luat

    Thanks for digging in and sharing Chuck’s story. The entrepreneur advice about creating value and offering OURSELVES to everyone else, the things we get in return are much greater than anything money could buy. Great show!

  4. Jade Inspiration

    Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, Matt. We sooo appreciate it. Chuck’s story truly is inspiring and he really taps into the heart of entrepreneurship and creating a life by design. Thank you again, Matt. You are stellar! I love your fitness website Breaking Brawn! Incredible and insightful articles and tips that make fit alot more fun and effective. Thank you Matt. 🙂