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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique with Deborah Lindsey of IMUInternational Metaphysical University

deborah-lindsey eft imuJade Inspiration interviews Deborah Lindsey, founder and President of the International Metaphysical University.  In this enlightening interview, Deborah Lindsey explains what EFT is, how it works and the science behind it’s efficacy in the healing arts to relieve depression, traumatic emotions, physical pain, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, addictions and so much more.  Deborah Lindsey has practiced EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique for over 20 years and has successfully utilized this amazing technique within her own life and healing along with many of her clients.  You will take away an in-depth understanding of EFT and how it can help you change your life forever.

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Deborah Lindsey is also the instructor for  IMU – International Metaphysical University is the first fully integrated online university in the world to offer a masters and doctorate degree in metaphysics. It boasts degrees in Consciousness Studies, Holistic Health, Psychic Development, Paranormal Studies, Shamanism and Ufology.  IMU offers online courses with some of the top instructors in the world, many of whom wrote the book on the subject.

Deborah is also the instructor for the Online EFT certification course. Having worked as a professional EFT practitioner and instructor for more than a decade she has taken this training and made it available to students all over the world through the online format.

Contact Deborah Lindsey:    304-295-4411    Connect with Deborah Lindsey:  Facebook     Twitter     Youtube

Get Certified in EFT Online   Deborah Lindsey

World’s Greatest EFT Certification Course Online. Guaranteed!

So you’re interested in getting certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique? Why not learn it online? In this video, you’ll learn the top ten reasons why to take the training online with EFT professional EFT practitioner and trainer Deborah Lindsey. Students can complete Level 1 and Level 2 certification online from anywhere in the world and work at their own pace. The EFT certification training is interactive and includes a full hour one-on-one session with the instructor plus interaction with the other students as well as the instructor. Students receive two certificates upon completion of the level 2 training.

Why Get Certified in EFT?

Let’s face it.  EFT is so good that practically anyone can learn a few tapping points and get results. The question is, are you “practically anyone” or are you ready to be a true professional?  

Recognized Worldwide

  • #1 PROVEN-TO-WORK Energy Healing Technique Worldwide
  • Recognized by American Psychological Association
  • Massage Therapists qualify for CEs from the NCBTMB Nationwide in the U.S.

Move from Novice tinternational-metaphysical-o Professional

  • Trample the industry-wide standard of 75% to an almost 100% success rate
  • Earn the respect of clients and the title of Certified EFT Professional Practitioner
  • Experience the confidence that comes from being a highly-trained, much-sought-after professional
  • Learn how to heal even the most severe illnesses for yourself, family, and clients

Save Money. Make Money.

  • Save potentially thousands of dollars on your own healthcare and that of your loved ones
  • Earn a substantial income helping others to heal, saving them money as well
  • Jump into a cutting-edge field where demand exceeds supply and opportunities abound
  • Enjoy the ease of working in a field where demand exceeds supply
  • Rapid return on investment
Live Your Authentic Life
  • Improve your own health
  • Increase your income doing something you love!
  • Live your passion and purpose by helping others while improving your own life
  • Move from pain and poverty to health, vigor, and abundance
 Why Choose Deborah Lindsey for your certification?
THE REAL DEAL: Rated among the top 1% of trainers in the industry. More than 2,000 people certified in the last decade.
  • NO COOKIE CUTTER or watered-down or weekend TRAININGS HERE! You get PERSONALIZED 1-on-1 support in an easily-absorbable format.
  • Interact with a community of other practitioners from all over the globe
  • PERSONAL OVERSIGHT from one of the best in the industry offering gentle guidance and insights
  • Most comprehensive, proven online training available
  • Lifetime support with the option to retake the course for FREE
  • Online format offers COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY
  • By the time you’ve completed the course you’ll how exactly how to help people eliminate even the most difficult symptoms

Contact Deborah Lindsey Now at International Metaphysical University

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