Courageous Step to Emotional Freedom

EFT-Jade-emotional freedom techniqueEft Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique

My EFT Tapping sessions are perfect for releasing intense emotional charges from past experiences.  Sometimes, it can be intimidating and uncomfortable to tap on yourself when you have been denying your pain and judging yourself for these emotional charges.  It is not your fault and there is nothing to blame yourself for.  Emotions are a natural and required part of the human experience.  Many of us do not use this powerful technique of EFT because it is too emotional and painful to do alone.  It can feel like if you open the flood gates of emotion, you might never stop.  This is not true, everything including emotions is temporary.

It can often be difficult at first to learn how to use this technique and find the buried words and emotions you know you want most to heal. Have faith.  Tapping with me, I will guide you through the process so that you are not alone and you follow along with me to help reduce your emotional charges, release more negative energy and find the freedom to work through your own personal tapping regimen. I mentor you through this technique and teach you how to use it on yourself for self healing.  You are not alone.  Relief is ahead for you.

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Common Benefits of EFT Tapping:

Enhances Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Image to promote well being

Relieves self defeating limiting beliefs to promote success oriented actions

Alleviates chronic pain and some illnesses to promote quality of life

Reduces emotional distress from past experiences triggered from your subconscious and energy body

Removes negative emotional & physical blocks from your energy system to promote your creative flow, health and awareness

Encourages relaxation, inner peace and the ability to flow with life’s ups & downs

EFT works with your natural flow of energy throughout your biology, namely meridians & chakras. Negative beliefs and emotions are energy blocks that can contribute to illness, fear, destructive and unhealthy choices, relationships and behavior, weight gain, depression and many other self defeating issues. Unblocking, removing and alleviating these energy blocks and opening the flow of your natural energetic body will promote your well-being emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Benefits will differ in variety and intensity with each client and it is imperative that you continue to work with your health care professional during EFT sessions. EFT does not replace but enhances your health and well-being collaboratively with Western Medicine.



EFT Jade testimonial - Nicole

“Everything just felt off…no energy,no focus, constant pain everywhere in my body,anxiety,stress…the best way I can sum it up is I just felt lifeless, exhausted & completely overwhelmed. It was at this point that a friend handed me a copy of The Tapping Solution & put me in contact with Jade. Always open to new modalities & literally having nothing to lose, I dove in. Can’t say that I expected much & I still can’t explain what I felt after my first session with Jade! It was incredible! How could a simple phone conversation & some tapping have this effect?! I felt clear & my legs felt alive. The only way I could describe the sensation was like ants marching in their straighter than straight lines in rows down my legs!!! The energy was intense & amazing. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude towards this incredible woman! Jade is such a beautiful soul! Her warmth & positive energy has made a world of difference for me & I could not be more thankful for the doors she has helped me open for myself. I feel like I now have the most simplest of tools to once again move forward & take control of my physical & emotional well-being. Endless Thank Yous For Your Time & Healing Energy Jade!!! xoxox Nicole Merie “Live Simply. Remain Grateful.” ”

EFT testimonial Jade from Greg

“I just had the opportunity to be induced to EFT ( tapping) for the first time with Jade. I was dealing with a issue that I have been holding onto inside my mine for a very long time guilt you might say. I have been having a very hard time letting go of it. So I sat down with Jade and she explained to me how EFT works and how you tap certain parts of your head and body and you repeat these certain lines she tells you to say over and over as you go through this releasing these negative thoughts. As she started to work with me and talk with me and showed me the tapping points I felt this negative energy leaving my mind. She ask me what level I thought it was between 1 & 10.

I felt like a 8 high but as we tapped and she talked to me it went down to a 2 low. I could not believe it but I was letting go of this issue for the first time. So yes EFT did work for me. And she showed me how to do it on my own so that whenever it came back I could tap though it. So if you have not try it please give it a try. Jade did amazing job for my first time. I’m looking forward to my next session with Jade. I was not a believer until now. It does work and it can help you to. Thank you so very much Jade for inducing me to EFT ( tapping). And feel free to contact Jade with any question you may have about EFT.   Sincerely, Greg B.

  1. Greg Bunton

    My name is Greg. I had to chance to do my very first Tapping Session ( EFT ) with Jade. I had been dealing with a issue for sometime which I was having a hard time letting go of. I was new to EFT and was not sure how I would respond to it. So we sat down and Jade explain to me how it works and how you work through it. Well I have to say I was amazed how it worked. I started at a 10 level as far as letting go. But as Jade talked to me and showed me the tapping points things slowly started to be removed from my mine in regards to my issue / block. So we would go over and over Jade talking and tapping the points which Jade explain to me. As time went on my 10 went down to a 2. It was awesome I could not believe it. Then Jade explain how I could do it on my own whenever the issue arise. Plus she offer do check up’s with me to see how it is going. So not only does she work with you she totally supports you 100%. So I would highly recommend Jade. She helped me and I know she will help you. Try it you have nothing to lose but all to gain. I want to Thank you so very much Jade for showing me the world of Tapping ( EFT ) it was awesome. You are amazing and real.
    Greg Bunton

  2. Jade Inspiration

    Thank you so much Greg for your wonderful testimonial. I enjoyed working with you and I am so happy it helped you move forward with your life. Thank you again, Greg. And I look forward to working with you again. Yours, Jade Inspiration