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Energy Healing & Reiki with Sharon Sands from The Right on Baby Podcast the Inner Growth Show

Energy Healing with Sharon Sands of Jade talks about her experience with distant energy healing with Sharon Sands of, how it can help you heal emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally and how to find help and resources for more inner healing. Contact Sharon at

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Reiki is an ancient method of accessing and channeling universal energy to re-balance the mind and body, it promotes deep relaxation allowing the body to heal itself.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing addresses the ‘subtle energy body’ that governs the physical body. Working directly with the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of this energy body, the healer affects the healing and release of blocked and distorted energy patters, enabling the innate intelligence to operate freely, restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Truly a mind-body discipline, energy healing accelerates personal growth.

Energy healing works in conjunction with and as an adjunct to medical and non-medical therapies.  As Humans are essentially electromagnetic beings, it makes perfect sense that the best possible modality for healing is energy.  All illness is the result of blocked and distorted energy patterns that leads to a lowering of the bodies frequencies.  By raising the frequencies the natural balance is restored, enabling healing to take place.

An “invisible” energy field composed of our life energy surrounds each of us.  That energy field integrally supports our life process in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  The energy is our spiritual source of life.  The energy field acts as a bridge, a connection, between the realm of pure spirit and the material world.  It is both an indicator and a regulator of the manner in which the life force is expressed in our worldly life.  If this energy field is clear, healthy and free from defects, we will likewise exhibit good health, in all its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

However, if dysfunctional energy patterns are present in the energy field the energy field becomes weak, impure, unbalanced or blocked, this will cause disease to become manifest in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Spiritual Energy Healing is the art of correcting those defects in our energy field.  In energy healing, the healer seeks to restore the flow of the energy to its normal, natural and healthy state and in the process corrects any defects that are present, thereby helping to restore and maintain health to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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Sharon Sands Website

How Reiki Can Help You

  • Reiki will relax you when you are stressed
  • Reiki brings about deep relaxation
  • Reiki centers your thoughts when you are confused
  • Reiki energizes you when you feel drained
  • Reiki calms you when you are frightened
  • Reiki focuses your mind and helps you solve problems
  • Reiki relieves pain
  • Reiki accelerates natual healing of wounds
  • Reiki improves health
  • Reiki gradually clears up chronic problems
  • Reiki helps prevent the development of disease
  • Reiki detoxifies the body
  • Reiki dissolves energy blockages
  • Reiki releases emotional wounds
  • Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Reiki helps change negative conditioning & behavior

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