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Fear into Curiosity

The Moment you Look at your Fear through the Eyes of Curiosity, You begin to Transform your Fear Into A Learning Experience

Our fears and doubts keep us from the most fabulous experiences in our lives.  We fear rejection, failure, wasted energy, mistakes, success, attention and many other fears we might not be aware of.  Fear is an action block.  It stops us from moving forward with an idea, intention, business, career direction, even relationships.  We do not want to face the possibility of feeling pain.

The journey often goes like this: I am so inspired to begin my workout program or coaching business or relationship because of all the wonderful possibilities…  BUUUUUUTTT what if it leads to pain.. failure, rejection… ?  It’s natural to not want to experience the same kind of pain we experienced before, so our subconscious memories create all the excuses in the world to stop us from taking risks, venturing outside our comfort zone and at the same time, keep us from living up to our potential, helping others and from living a fulfilling life.

Today, become aware of and take an unemotional look at your fears…. just notice what they are… BE CURIOUS… not judgemental.  Just be aware of your fears without judgement, denial or resistance.  Then I want you to BE CURIOUS about how it would feel and how you would act if you did not have that fear… have fun with it, do a creative visualization and enjoy what it would be like if you did not have these fears.. be curious.  Feel the release, the relaxed feeling in your body, your emotions, your thoughts….   Feel how good it feels to be fearless….  Any state you can imagine is a state of mind you can make into a new habit. . .  You give your fear a new feeling, a new image and when you change your physiology, your mind will follow .. and you can change the energy of fear into the energy of curiosity and possibility.

It takes practice.  And the reality is, you have come a long way and have learned and practiced changing your mindset throughout your life already.  You already are a master of change, transformation and standing in your power to evolve. I know this because you are still here in this earthly reality!  This is something we all seem to forget because of our focus on what’s wrong instead of acknowledging past proof and victories that actually came so naturally to us.

Explore yourself every day….


Jade Succcess Coach