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Feel Good About Yourself

Feel good about yourself

Three Steps to help you feel good about yourself:

1.Be aware of your negative self talk or judgments – Your thoughts are habit and even though they may be subconscious beliefs you’ve inherited from the past, your awareness gives you the power to change the negative thoughts about yourself into empowering ones.

2.See the Truth – Our habits of thought, no matter what we are thinking, are just thoughts.  More often than not, when we examine our harsh self talk we realize they are not accurate. Giggle and stand in your power of truth and change that negative thought into a positive one.

3.Allow for Growth – Change is not always easy.  No doubt, right?  But when you think about it, what would you be doing with your life, relationships, career and finances right now if you totally felt good about yourself?  Would you have more confidence to leave that negative relationship? Would you take action on creating that business you would love to create?  Would you continue your exercise program for greater health and fitness?  Allow yourself the time and energy to transform your mindset and emotional focus in more empowering ways.

Be Aware and Notice your Thoughts
Evaluate your Negative Thoughts and Focus on the Positive Truths
Allow Yourself Time and Energy to Make these Positive Mindset Changes