Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck

Desiring Change while Desperately wanting things to Remain the Same

Jade Inspiration

Nothing remains the same. We evolve, our preferences change, our priorities change, our level of consciousness changes constantly too.   And when your life seems to not make sense like it used to, or your pursuits, goals, career, relationships no longer hold your delight and passion, it’s not always depression that causes it.  It is often your time for yet another transition in your life in moving upward, higher on your spiritual journey.  Yet change can be scary.   And we receive  more and more divine messages as to the new direction we were meant to go.  Often it is your soul’s request for you to let go of your old self and embrace your more spirit driven life.

Feeling stuck is your ego’s need to keep you and your life the same while your authentic self wants to evolve and live in the higher realms of being, thought and living.  When you become aware of this power struggle, you can then decide and make the commitment to yourself as to which path you are willing and consciously going to take.  Choose to accept this challenge of change vs. sameness and follow your intuitive nudges that tell you….. “Let go, you are safe and you were meant to evolve”

Namaste Jade





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