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Forgiveness Visualization by Jade Inspiration

Negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear & abandonment created in the past are very common emotional challenges that continue being triggered in our current lives. If you find that when a circumstance arises and you automatically have a negative emotion because of it, even when it does not apply to the current situation, than it is an emotional block that needs to be released. Releasing these emotional blocks caused by a past event frees you energetically so that the negative energy does not manifest in physical or emotional illness.

These negative emotions can be directed at someone in your past who has harmed you in some way and by forgiving them within yourself, you become free of the emotional pain associated with this person. This does not condone what they have done, but it releases you from the emotional pain it cause today.
With this visualization, you will be safely and gently guided to forgive this person or people so you can move forward with your life and open up to amazing possibilities of success, healthy relationships and living in peace.

Guided Forgiveness Meditation – Transcript

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a quiet, uninterrupted atmosphere. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and exhale any tension in your body or mind
Visualize yourself pulling the Life Force Energy or God’s Light through the top of your head and down throughout your body. As it flows, feel the love, the warmth and relax your body and mind….. Intend the beautiful, nurturing energy to flow … getting more and more relaxed..

Imagine yourself in a bubble of white and pink light, surrounding you with Reiki and Life Force Energy… release into it’s protective energy… You are safe and secure in this bubble, you are at peace and feeling grateful for this wonderful moment.

Think of a person you want to forgive. Ask your spirit guides, higher self and Reiki to assist you on this forgiveness journey.
Visualize yourself standing at the side of flowing stream. It is so comforting and the breeze refreshing. You hear the singing birds, smell the scent of the forest nearby, watch the stream flowing by… gentle.. beautiful.. All is well right now, in this moment, you are at peace.
In your protective bubble of light and energy, you are safe, you are loved.

You notice a person on the other side of the stream from you and gently you recognize the person you wish to forgive. You are safe, you are loved.
Slowing you see a bridge crossing over the stream connecting both sides of the stream. It is luminous and sturdy, very inviting.
You walk over to the bridge and you notice the person on the other side also walking to the bridge to meet you at the bridge’s center.
You are calm in your beautiful protective bubble and direct your arms out toward this person to also encompass them in this healing, loving light. All is well, all is safe.

Gently you both come together on the bridge where you both are calm and at peace. A neutral space for both of you and you allow the person to say whatever thy need to say, without judgment, without fear. Speaking soul to soul. They speak their truth as they see it even if it is not the same as yours. And when they have finished speaking, speak your truth to them and then after you’ve said all you’ve needed to say, ask for the Life Force Energy to create an atmosphere of forgiveness and trust.

Take your time through this exchange, and take a few minutes, be patient and you will begin to feel the calm and serenity throughout your body and you will know that you have forgiven each other at a soul level. Breathe, relax, all is well.

Imagine you and this person shake hands or hug as you feel comfortable. Smile and thank them for coming today and thank your spirit guides, higher self and Reiki for being present and helping in this situation. Then turn and walk off the bridge and see the bridge gently dissolving. You smile and wave good bye to the other person and gently return to your present moment. Breathe, release and relax.

After this visualization it is a perfect time to journal to gain more insight and to develop your sense of acceptance and what you have learned and how you now feel.
This visualization can be done anytime you need for anyone you want to forgive, even if it’s a desire to forgive yourself. Namaste.

jade-inspiration-healerI am Jade Inspiration, healer, mentor and trainer. If you would like to contact me for one on one sessions to help you release past emotional traumas, feel free to contact me at  Namaste.

  1. Greg Bunton

    Just listened to the Forgiveness Visualization tape on releasing any negative emotion you may have. And how to forgive those who may have hurt us in the past or present. It was very relaxing and calming and really gave me deep thought into healing the mind from any hurt. Thank you very much Jade in all you do in helping others to heal their pass. Awesome