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Heal from the Ground Up with Michael Hsu

Michael-hsu-heal-from-groundJade Inspiration had the immense pleasure and honor of interviewing Michael Hsu, host of Heal from the Ground Up Podcast. Michael shares his personal stories and inspiring experiences about healing, honoring self and how to find your authentic self again in this moment.

Michael offers his most powerful advice as a life coach, on how to heal from our fears, heal our relationships, heal our inner child hurts and how to move forward with your life no matter what has happened in your past.


About Michael and Heal From the Ground Up

Ever wanted to hear a live coaching session? Experience amazing transformations as you listen to actual coaches walk their clients through healing and growing.  Whether you’ve never been through a coaching session before and just want to find out more about it, or you know how powerful coaching can be and want to work on some things in yourself as you listen, this show will help you learn, grow, and heal from the ground up!

This podcast does show the beauty of coaching and allows you to heal yourself as you witness healing in others.  This podcast will also take you on an evolutionary journey by showing Michael’s personal evolution and showing how he shares that evolution through his coaching. It’s a beautiful display of the circle of life.  Most prominent thought leaders only show their wisdom but in this podcast you will get to see all the struggles, challenges and transformations Michael goes through that allows him to share the healing he does through his coaching.  Having said that, the experience of coaching is very healing for Michael as it mirrors back to him things he may not be seeing in himself.

With each new episode, you see how Michael evolves with the callers on the show.  This allows you the listener the evolve wit Michael and Heal From the Ground Up.

  1. Greg Bunton

    Check out Jade Inspiration as she interviews Michael Hsu Heal from the Ground Up. You don’t want to miss it. Thank you Michael for sharing and all your advise on how to heal ourselves and move on with our lives. Thank you Jade & Michael for all you do in helping others heal from their past and present. Well done you two. Thank you both again.