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Houses Of Health – Meditation With Roy Vongtama on the Jade Inspiration Right on Baby Podcast, the Inner Growth Show


In this insightful and fun interview with Roy Vongtama, actor and doctor, he shares his immense knowledge and advice about living spherically with the Houses of Health and meditation. An oncologist, medical doctor, spiritual practitioner, actor, producer and writer, Roy teaches by example and truly practices all that he believes in. “Be True to Yourself, Do What You Love.. The Rest Will Follow.” Join us for a light-hearted, fun and informative discussion on how to live a healthy life spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Roy Vongtama discusses his book, “Healing Before You’re Cured” and a movie he produced, “Reach” through his production company Resonant Entertainment.

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“Reach” movie – Produced by Resonant Entertainment a Roy Vongtama company

Coming this year from Roy Vongtama:

“Healing Before You’re Cured” – Holistic health book.  “I really wanted to promote a balanced approach to health. So many people are either locked in to only Western ways and some people are too righteous about their “alternative ways”.  The answer is in the middle. ” – Roy Vongtama

“7 Minute Meditation” – Meditation video by Roy Vongtama  – Will be announced when available.

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In this video, Dr. Roy Vongtama speaks candidly about cancer prevention and detection.

In this video Dr. Roy Vongtama speaks about using nutrition and foods to combat cancer recurrence and cancer prevention techniques using his Houses of Health paradigm.

More by Roy Vongtama:

reach-by-roy-vongtama-resonant-entertainment“Reach” movie – Produced by Resonant Entertainment a Roy Vongtama company

Based on a true story, Reach is a provocative film centered on a struggling romance between a terminal man running out of time, and a woman desperate to breathe life into his final days. As his mother and best friend are faced with accepting the unacceptable, important issues are raised that will change their lives forever. Reach is a stunning moral parable that will touch your heart with its inspiring message.

“Only when you learn to let go, does the beauty of life and everything in it reveal itself.”
Selected “Best of Festival” by LA WEEKLY for Dances with Films Festival 2013.

Connect and Follow Dr. Roy Vongtama:   Roy’s Website      Facebook     Twitter    Resonant Entertainment

Dr. Roy Vongtama is a holistic cancer therapist whose multidimensional talents encompass science, art and spirituality. He began his training at the age of 16, working as volunteer at the Buffalo General Hospital in the Department of Radiation Oncology, volunteering over 500 hours of his time through high school.
He continued his collegiate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he won an early acceptance into the University of Buffalo Medical School in his sophomore year. This allowed him the freedom to study psychology in addition to his premedical studies, focusing on depression in minority cultures under Dr. Martin Seligman. Roy eventually graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Basis of Behavior.
He then continued his medical studies at the University of Buffalo where he served a term as the President of the Medical School. Dr. Vongtama then served a one-year internship at the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia and a four-year residency at UCLA in the Department of Radiation Oncology, where he was Chief Resident in his final year.
During this period at UCLA, Dr. Vongtama began to train as an actor at night, working in the theater as well as professionally in film and television, in hit shows such as CSI, The Shield, and the feature film The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. He is currently actively producing his own projects through his company Resonant Entertainment, winning the 2010 Fox Diversity Pilot Shootout with his original show, The Zone.


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