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How to Deal with Irrational People with Paul Colaianni. Interviewed by Jade Inspiration on the Right on Baby Podcast the Inner Growth Show

Jade Inspiration interviews Paul Colaianni, Author, Personal Growth Coach and Podcaster – The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast on the Right on Baby Podcast.  Paul shares his personal stories and  he shares amazing insights from his latest book, “How to Deal with Irrational People”, now on  Do you know anyone in your life that may be or seem irrational?  Family, friends, co-workers, possibly your significant other?  Well, in this upbeat, fun and insightful interview with Paul Colaianni, you will find out how you can deal, handle and humor the irrational people in your life just so you don’t go crazy yourself.

Paul also offers his best advice on how to let go of the past to move forward with your life along with advice from his book “Clear the Path to Happiness”, also on

Enjoy the show!

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The Overwhelmed Brain Self-Discovery Series of eBooks is designed to help you create and maintain your personal boundaries, honor your values and morals, improve and sustain your relationships, release negative emotions, and experience breakthroughs so that you can create the life you want.

If you’re tired of being told to “think positively!” and just want someone to hand you the key to unlock your full potential, it’s time to start your journey to your healing and growth now!

E-book:How to Deal with Irrational People: What to do When Common Sense Fails and “Crazy” Behavior Prevails

Summary: Specific techniques to communicate with, and calm down the irrational people in your life. You’ll learn the unique methods I use when it comes to bringing an irrational person back to a calmer, more reasonable state. After many years of coaching clients and working with people who’ve gotten a little out of control, I’ve picked up quite a bit. You’ll love the book – it’s a quick read, and you’ll have tools for life. Get it now!

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Clear Path to HappinessE-book:Clear the Path to Happiness: Powerful, Practical Steps to Become Happier, Feel Better, and Enjoy Living

Summary: Happiness is what happens when all the obstacles blocking the way are cleared. Read the book that people have called an “Outstanding road map to happiness” and a “Fabulous personal development book for people who think for themselves”. Clear the Path to Happiness outlines the steps you can take (which aren’t always easy) to reveal and enjoy happiness in your life.

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