How to deal with a negative environment

how to deal with negative environment

Thank you so much C for your insightful, powerful question.  My response to this email is below.

“I  really appreciate your post. You explained me. I get surrounded by negative people and have random negative thoughts. I am all about being positive and helping those in need to help them live a more positive lifestyle. It makes me feel good to help others.  I realized today not everyone has empathy; that hurt. I need to guard myself from those who put negative thoughts in my head.  If you can give me any advice it would be appreciated.

Blessed Be, C


Dear C,

Thank you so much for your kind words and amazing insightful question about how to guard yourself from those who put negative thoughts in your my head within a negative environment.

I am so happy to offer you a few suggestions that I use with my clients.  They work miracles when you utilize them.

First I want you to always remember that:

Everyone is a learning experience towards your highest learning as you are for theirs

You are always doing the best you can so please have compassion for yourself on this spiritual journey

You are only responsible for your happiness and they are responsible for theirs.

Here are a few suggestions when living in a negative environment and wanting to protect your energy and thoughts:

Learn self energy healing. We all are born energy healers. There are many free articles and videos online that teach you how to cleanse your chakras and aura.  Create a daily ritual of cleansing. I’ve had great success with clients I’ve trained.

Change your negative thought to a subject or event that brings you a better feeling.  This changes the energy of your being so that the negative thoughts do not expand and turn in to a tornado of negativity

Learn and use EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Techniques. Our emotional state is powerful and we can best help ourselves by releasing negative thoughts and energy from ourYour own space
energetic system.  This is my #1 tool I use when helping my clients breakthrough negative blocks to enjoying their lives.  You can find Youtube videos where they can guide you through tapping sessions to help you release these thoughts and feelings of helplessness.  If you would like deeper and personalized training for your specific issues, I can help guide you through EFT personally.  Feel free to let me know.

Create your tool bag for when you get into a negative state:

List of emotions and events that brought you joy …

List of positive perspectives you can reach for that are positive and not negative

List of places you can go to recharge and cleanse. The park, your car, bathroom, closet, backyard… anywhere just for you.

Learning a new way of being is fun, challenging and exciting at the same time.  You are letting go of an old way of being, thinking, perceiving and feeling in order to adopt healthier ways to respond to a challenging environment.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as removing yourself from the negative people and places and really standing firm in your resolve to only let into your life positive, loving people.  If this is not possible, our ability to change within is the best source of growth.

I hope this has been helpful to you, C.  Feel free to reply with any questions or concerns.  I am happy to help you anyway I can.




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