Today I received a beautiful and insightful question with my response below:

“I would like to start from thanking you for your very nice & inspiring post that you share with all of us. It has helped a lot my friend. Really I would like to have some advice if you don’t mind. As I & my family are having some unsolved issues. I have started keeping positive in my thoughts & try to keep my family as well. But sometimes it’s difficult. Can you suggest some techniques that help to keep my family positive?”

Thank you so so much for contacting me.  It’s always wonderful to hear from you.  And thank you so much for allowing for my busy schedule to respond to your insightful questions.  Much love, Jade.

As an advisor and mentor, I too, like you have the opportunity to effect positive change in others for their highest good.  Your desire to help others think positively, like yourself is a beautiful aspect of your personal strength.

We all have our own paths to walk which requires us to make our own decisions and to walk the necessary paths and have the required experiences, through choice, in order to grow as needed.  Our growth in certain areas is usually our path to learn what we need to learn in order to fulfill our purpose and purposes in life.

The thought that we can make people change and the belief that when they don’t change the way we’d like, then we failed.  This is far from the truth.

There are many techniques you can use to effect change within yourself and therefore be an example of positive change and have the wisdom to plant seeds of positivity in others.  When we plant seeds, in our actions, results and advise, we are effecting change.

Here are a few things to remember and do on your path to remain and grow more positive while effecting growth in others:

  • Continue working on and focusing on your own growth
  • Be aware of your positive changes and share the experiences
  • Be an example of positivity and the results
  • See the positive actions and thoughts of others and compliment them on them
  • Help others become more aware of and celebrate positive actions and perspectives
  • Plant seeds and let go of your expectations
  • Know you cannot change others without their permission
  • Accept you cannot control others but only inspire them, plant seeds and teach by example
  • Allow others to make their own decisions and know they will make changes along their own paths
  • Send loving light and energy to them which will help them open their energy to evolve.

Much love,


Jade Succcess Coach


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