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I have heard numerous complaints from Reiki practitioners that they feel drained of energy or feel very tired after administering a Reiki treatment. This not only surprises me, but it also intrigues me.

While some Reiki teachers do not teach or stress the importance of building, strengthening, maintaining and protecting energy levels, I strongly believe that when working with universal life force energy, whether it is through Reiki or any other energy-based modality, it is an essential requirement to know the basic steps. Otherwise, it leaves you wide open to deplete your own energy resources, plus you will be more susceptible to attracting lower vibrating energies (also called negative energy).

One other important aspect to remember is, becoming a powerful Reiki healer has nothing to do with how powerful your teacher deems to be, how close their lineage is linked to Usui sensei, how many Reiki levels ……