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Loving Yourself & Embracing Who You Truly Are 23

Coach-Jade-Speaker - Jade InspirationMelissa Wilson of the Grass Gets Greener Podcast interviews Jade Inspiration in this intimate & emotional interview.  Jade shares her own personal traumatic story of heart ache, healing and faith.  There is a silver lining behind every challenge and traumatic experience.  Love Yourself & Embrace Who You Truly Are.

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Melissa Wilson The Grass Gets Greener Podcast

  1. Greg Bunton

    Thank you Jade and Melissa for amazing podcast. And Jade for opening yourself up to the hurt and pain you suffer in the past. But how you have taken the steps to heal yourself and be the woman you are today. You have to be very strong and proud of yourself. Great job both of you Melissa & Jade. Thank you both again for your amazing podcasts.

  2. Melissa Wilson

    Jade, thank you so much for sharing this episode on your show! I’m glad that I could provide a platform for you to help you share your story.

  3. Jade Inspiration

    Thank you so much Melissa. It was an honor being on your show, The Grass Gets Greener Podcast. I can’t thank you enough. You are amazing!

  4. Melissa Wilson

    Greg, thank you so much for the kind words and for your support of our podcasts!