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Jade Inspiration on the Right on Baby Podcast, chats about manifesting your dreams, what stops you and how to move past your fears. Manifesting your dream life is not all spiritual. It’s about combining your spiritual, divine gifts with your human abilities and desires. Jade talks about how and why fear stops us from going for our dreams and how to quit letting your fears stop you. @jadeinspiration #manifest #podcast #rightonbaby


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Manifest it All, Baby! by Jade Inspiration on the Right on Baby Podcast – The Inner Growth Show

Manifesting your dreams and desires is about attracting the opportunities into your life that will give you the path to your success and happiness. Manifesting is co-creating and it is not about sitting at home doing nothing but thinking positive. You have to take risks, move out of your comfort zone and make things happen.

Positive thinking is important, without it our desires would go flat. There would be no octane in your gasoline… you would not be inspired to move forward. However, in order to get what you want, you have to let go of the delays, excuses and fears that you hold onto so tightly.
It is human nature to avoid any experiences that can cause us pain and that includes putting ourselves out there and sharing our true gifts with the world. Whether it’s as an author of a book, artwork as an artist, being single on and so on.

It all opens us up to the possibility of failure, rejection, disappointment and unforeseen possibilities of not getting what we want. But if we do not risk these things we do not grow, if we do not experience these things we do not grow stronger and learn how to endure and persevere. Your ego wants to keep things the same so that there is nothing to risk. Keeping the status quo is comfortable, supposedly. Supposedly, because how happy are you really in this moment with your life? If you never pushed passed your fears and kept your life the same, does this vision of the same life make you feel warm and fuzzy? Does this vision of nothing changing make you excited and fill you with passion? Is your life right now everything you can ever want?

All successful people have insecurities, worries, fears, and delay tactics. All of them. So it is natural. Even for the most successful people in the world. They just focus more on taking action rather than what’s stopping them.
So how do we let go of the fear of change, and the risk of negative possibilities?

Take action.

When you are in motion, you are building momentum and you are creating a whole new set of positive energy in your life toward your dreams and goals. Know you will have challenges but you will get through them. In your everyday life, now, you have come across issues and problems and you’ve always taken care of them… so you already know that challenges are not the end of the world, they only teach you something great about yourself and how to handle the same challenges in the future.

Any change takes time and work in order to create a new set of habits. Habits of thought, reasoning, perception and understanding. I love simplicity and here is a simple three step process you can utilize and customize to your own needs and personality.

1. Notice when you are using your delay tactics, excuses, fears to stop you from going for your dreams whether its fear of rejection possible failure or other people’s negative opinions and know that it all means nothing. It’s just your way of avoiding pain and let those feelings go and do something anything that is an action towards your desires, live in your passions, focus on your vision of how you want your life to be and let go of the people, beliefs and negative nudges.

2. Do just 3 things everyday that take you towards your goals of being a successful artist, writer, manager, parent, partner and so on . Three things that improve that relationship or way of getting your gifts and products or services out into the world. It could be thinking of 3 ways to learn how to improve your craft, it could be putting a plan together to find time to write that book, it could be to develop a new workout program that is easy and quick….. 3 things. Who in your life is a negative Nilly? Who in your life brings you negative energy and gives you doubts rather than encouragement? No need to talk to them about your dreams anymore. right? That’s 1 good action. Focus on positive and enriching thoughts, beliefs and people. Bring positivity into your life through books, coaches, webinars, Youtube motivational videos, people, organizations, and more….

3. Work it. If you find a book that will teach you more about your chosen field of work, read it. If you need a website to promote your service and product build it. If you need to define your life purpose to determine where to put your energy and focus, than define it, write it down and find three things you can do right now, today that will move you towards your goals and dreams rather than do nothing. Rather than letting fear of the unknown take you out of your own game of life, Take action on those inner nudges that tell you to do it.. begin, build, let go of excuses and focus on actions.

And soon your momentum, your passion, your vision, your life, will change and the process of noticing and celebrating your progress will make your life more fulfilling and gratifying to point where the fear, the delays and excuses, won’t have much power anymore. Can you imagine your life on turbo drive?

Your thought for today? What are three things you will do today, that will help you reach your goals? Think about that. Write them down, commit to them, and put a check mark next to them when you’ve completed them before your go to sleep tonight.
Do this for the next three days and see how it feels. And build on it, continue solidifying your empowering habits so that your own momentum sweeps you off your feet. Everyday do three things that get you to your goals and soon you will be arrive to create bigger and more powerful goals and actions.


Jade Inspiration is a Certified Life Coach & Transitional Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Trainer, Law of Attraction Coach, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Growth Mentor. Feel free to contact Jade with any question and inquiries. Contact Jade