Jade Inspiration Interviews Maritza Parra of Easy Online Marketing

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Maritza Parra of Easy Online Marketing podcast shares so much today, about how she began her thriving business and following, how she has triumphed over challenges in her life, her love life, the Law of Attraction, how to get over fears to your success, and she shares a simple 4 step process to build your business and following…. along with so much more.  Maritza is incredible.   You’re going to love it… and here we go….


Maritza Parra is here to help you package and price your unique expertise… So you’ll have the confidence to consistently make offers that convert!

If you’ve ever asked yourself:
• How can I start or grow an online business that helps me profit WHILE adding massive value to other people’s lives?
• How in the world can I package and price the unique expertise or inspiration I can help people with?
• How do I know if I’m truly an expert and can actually have a profitable online business?
• How can I get over my fear of actually making offers and feel confident with what I’m offering?
• Where the heck do I find people who want to buy what I have to offer?
My goal is to inspire and motivate you to use the tools and strategies I’ll give you that will help you improve your business and actually, improve your life…
Bottom line…?
I’m here to help you make a lot more money.   

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