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Join my Fearless Mastermind Group  for new small business owners, new coaches and new online retail owners. This group is your gasoline for your business launch engine.

Launching your new small business can be overwhelming, to say the least.  You are ready to serve your perfect clients with your expertise yet promoting and marketing your business may not be your strongest or favorite responsibility.  As a new entreprenuer, you are responsible for every aspect of business… but where do you start? In your heart, you know these struggles are worth your time because you have a vision for your business, you just need to go for it, breakout of your fears and take action.

Many purpose driven entrepreneurs, solopreneurs (one person show)  love to share and help & service clients with their expertise, yet are new to marketing their service or product online.  And promoting yourself or your product can be intimidating, and even scary.  It can be a  lonely, frustrating and depressing journey without support of fellow soloprenuers & experts.

I created this mastermind group to bring together passionate & driven solo business owners who are new to the business side of their venture.  I understand firsthand how difficult it is to build a small business from scratch without support, or people to brainstorm with and fellow entrepreneurs who can relate to your frustrations and offer you advice, motivation, and encouragement along your journey.  I bootstrapped it all the way, went it alone, scared to death but I just kept going and it paid off, big time.

Since 2006, when I left the corporate world, I’ve successfully built solo businesses from services, coaching & online marketing to retail, e-commerce & SEO. It has not always been easy, but with what I’ve learned and know today, I know that with perseverance, support and vision, you can make your small business come alive and attract your perfect clients while building confidence, abundance, business knowledge and online growth potential… If you truly desire to succeed.

Weekly Skype Mastermind Group Date & Time:    Wednesdays  2-3pm pst / 5-6pm est

Join Us Today!  As a Member of my Fearless Mastermind Group, you’ll experience: Limited to 10 members only

Support, encouragement and feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experts

Advice, tips and techniques on marketing and targeting to your perfect clients

Brainstorming and think tank  forums

Commitment and accountability for taking action alleviating procrastination

Uplifting & growth oriented Weekly Skype mastermind meetings

Focus on one member per week on a rotating basis for each member

Intercommunication and connection with fellow members

Gain clarity, opportunities and focus.

Stand in your power with supportive professionals to take action, action, action.

Propel yourself through collective energy when family and friends don’t understand your vision

And much much more

Membership Requirements: To be a member of this mastermind group, you need to meet the membership requirements:

You are 100% Driven and Motivated to Succeed

You have a vision and defined service or product you are committed to.

You have a Positive Attitude and Encouraging nature (Negativity will not be tolerated)

Your Website has been live for atleast 3 months

You have Atleast One (1) active social media account

You are Committed to weekly Skype Mastermind Meetings

You have Internet and computer skills and knowledge

You have had Success in past careers & endeavors

Join Now to Supercharge your attitude, motivation and purpose to succeed!

Monthly Membership Fee: $25 per month – Enhances your commitment to grow your business.

3 Month Membership Fee: $20 per month – Save $15 Powerful 3 Month Commitment to Supercharge Your Launch.

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