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Michael Hsu’s Personal Journey Interview with Jade Inspiration

I had the immense pleasure and honor of interviewing Michael Hsu, host of Heal from the Ground Up Podcast.  Michael shares his personal stories and inspiring experiences about healing, honoring self and how to find your authentic self again in this moment.  Michael offers his most powerful advice as a life coach, on how to heal from our fears, our inner child hurts and how to move forward with your life no matter what has happened in your past.

I am Michael Hsu, the founder and visionary of Heal From the Ground Up. When I did private coaching sessions and especially when I led workshops with my close colleague and now co-host Kay Yamaguchi, I thought to myself the healing power I witnessed was too powerful to be kept inside closed doors.  I absolutely knew that if the world had witnessed this amazing healing power, the world itself would be changed. And this is the whole impetus driving this podcast.

I had the vision of featuring coaching sessions and when I first published my coaching session onto the internet, it was an exhilarating experience and I knew exactly that I was onto something extraordinary.

There is no platform like this in the world that features such raw emotional experiences into one’s heart. You see things like this on TV but most people on TV are going to be guarded to some degree because their identity is being revealed. On our podcast, callers feel safe to go as deep as they would like since their faces are never revealed and they have the option of changing their names.

We are inundated with information in the self-help arena, with the many articles and interviews mentally explaining to us how to better live our lives.  Though all of it is extremely helpful, in this podcast as you listen to these raw coaching sessions it is purely an emotional experience that will touch both your mind and heart.  To experience transformation we must not only mentally understand what we need to do but experience it within our hearts and souls.

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  1. Greg Bunton

    I just wanted to Thank you so very much for all the awesome podcast / interviews you put out. The are filled with lots of great information on how we all can better our lives each day. So thank you again Jade for all you do and Right on Baby.