Accept where you are in this moment and it will open your heart to the intuitive messages of your soul.


Recently I received a beautiful question about where and how to start on their path and purpose of being an energy and herb healer.  Thank you so much for your insightful question.

I would like to help animals and people from worldwide and earn 10k a month.  I love writing, healing animals and people with energy and herbs. I love to do talk show. But the problem is I’m not sure what’s the stepping stone to my dreams.

My guidance:

Great to hear from you and thank you for your insightful thoughts.  Starting on your path of your life purpose is very exciting and knowing where to start is a huge question my clients come to me with.  I’ve been there too.  The starting point. May I share my thoughts and intuitive messages with you?

As I read and meditated on your email message I was guided to share the following with you.  You are a healer and this is definitely your life purpose, one of them, you are here to be, express and help the world in it’s transformation. Your spirit knows you are directed by your heart space and maneuvering this human existence has been challenging at times, as it can be with most healers, including myself.

Start by being okay with where you are with your life right now.  A turning point, a time of discovery, a way for you to re-evaluate your passions, natural talents and how you envision yourself contributing to others.  What we give, we receive. It’s an exciting time in our life.

Open to your intuitive nudges and have a conversation with your divine self.  In a moment of relaxation or meditation, ask questions and listen to the loving answers that come to you.  Ask questions such as: “What do I need to do, learn or understand that will give me clarity to begin my journey as an energy and herb healer?”  Listen to the answers that come to you, be aware of the energy in your body and write down the answer and flow write with the thoughts and emotions that arise.

This would be a wonderful place to start and allowing your inner guidance to help you through your moments and towards your endeavors.  The universe wants you to prosper, grow and feel fulfilled.

Another exercise I do with my clients to find more clarity is to access your natural skills and research how to enhance those skills to be applied to your life purpose.  If you love reading, find books on the subject of becoming an energy healer for body and animal healing.  If you enjoy learning videos find online certifications courses to become an energy healer.  Get your mind and heart ready to take action on your purpose.

Once a week, decide on three actions you will take to get you moving towards your goals of being a healer.  They can be small moves, intuitive nudges, bumping into a learning source or person, finding a successful healer doing what you’d like to do and so much more.

In the first exercise, opening up your mind and energy to possibilities by being excited about where you are at in this moment will help the flow of universal intelligence to come to you and whisper messages and directives towards what you have been meant to do with your life all along.  We are learning in this human experience how to reawaken to the being we came here to be in the first place.

I am so very excited for you. I can feel your soul’s flame is ready to grow into a beautiful expression of your warrior healer within you.  I hope this has been helpful to you and if you would like further guidance or even have questions, I’d love to hear back from you, anytime.

Sooo much beauty is within you and you are ready to fly my dear.

Much love and light, Jade


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