This existence isn’t about learning to accept reality; but rather remembering


Michael Cummings

Remember Your Power

 You have the power to create your reality.  Your reality is often thought of as your life here in this physical realm combined synergistically with your spiritual energy and divine direction.  We are innately passionate about returning to a place of bliss and inner peace with a sense of “All is Well”.  We are passionate about this return not because we are rejecting discomfort, but because in truth, we remember what it was like to not feel unworthy or not good enough.  With this remembering, our spirit, soul directives move us through the many dimensions of human existence in order to embrace again, our most natural, authentic selves.  And it is in our acceptance of what we desire, our authentic personalities and intuition do we ask the right questions and reach for higher more honest self expression.

How do you create the reality you  desire?  Because you are a multi dimensional being, you have many ways to harness and direct your energies towards creating your preferred life experiences:

Create thought: Energy flows from what you are thinking, good or bad.  Focus your energy on fear based outcomes, that is what your actions will create, those fear based outcomes.  From here on out, become aware of your thought processes and how you see situations.  What do you focus on when faced with a challenge?   When you find negativity within your own mind, switch to a positive thought…. one that you can believe.  Repetition of this practice creates new empowering thoughts and actions.

I would love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments below.  Much to share, much to learn from each other.



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