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joe-vulgamore-powerful-youPowerful Powerful You with Joe Vulgamore -Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker

Have you ever been curious about what the Law of Attraction is really about?  Perhaps, you’ve heard about how our energy vibration attracts things to us?  Would you like to learn more about manifesting your desires?  Are you  looking for uncomplicated, simple solutions to get you focused on  what you want rather than on what you don’t want?  This chat with Joe Vulgamore and I is going to inspire you, enlighten your curiosity and teach exactly how to harness the universal energy that we are apart of.  This chat is a slight diversion from the usual Q & A interview.  It is a discussion between two coaches who are passionate about empowering others to their greatest lives and selves.  We hold nothing back in this free flowing session between to empowering coaches. You will also learn more about his popular book, Powerful Powerful You.  Totally fun and you will take away with you a feeling of possibility, a positive perspective and tangible tips and steps to super charge you and your life.  Enjoy the show…..

Joe Vulgamore was previously on my Right on Baby podcast with Living Deliberately with Joe Vulgamore, check it out!

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Powerful-Powerful-you-joe vulgamore

Powerful Powerful You is a very potent and valuable tool in helping you learn to unleash your power and create the life you want to live. It is quite possibly the most powerful book you will ever read. Inside, you will find the secrets to deliberately create your dream life.
You will learn to:
• Identify Core Values
• Balance Life Areas
• Fulfill Needs and Desires
• Live Deliberately
You will learn skills such as:
• Self-Awareness
• Self-Management
• Social Awareness
• Relationship Management
You will discover tools and techniques that will help you to:
• Overcome Negative Thinking
• Relieve Negative Emotions
• Deconstruct Limiting Beliefs
• Build Momentum
• Create Your Dream Life
This book gives you all the tools you need to take control of your life and squeeze everything you can out of it, to look toward the future with the wide-eyed excitement of a child, and to live your life deliberately, by your own design.


powerful powerful you joe vulgamore
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  1. Greg Bunton

    Check out this Jade as she interviews Joe Vulgamore as Joe and Jade have a O & A session about how we can harness our universal energy. Also check out Joe’s new book Powerful Powerful You. Thank you Jade & Joe for a very informative talk and all the tips. You don’t want to miss this trust me. Thank you again Jade & Joe awesome interview.

  2. Jade Inspiration

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I so appreciate it. Your,Jade