Law of Attraction LifestyleJade Inspiration gives her quick take on the Law of Attraction and what it really is…. it’s a healthy, powerful Lifestyle…..   Featured on the Right on Baby Podcast!

Studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over a decade and being a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Coach, I’ve come to understand and know that the Law of Attraction is simply a healthy, empowering lifestyle.  I prefer to call it the Right on Baby Lifestyle.

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The Law of Attraction Lifestyle in it’s simplest form is: Ask, Believe, Take Action, Receive.

Said another way:

  • Know what you want – in Detail
  • Believe that you can have it and you have it now – without Question
  • Take Action on it – go after it
  • Receive with love and gratitude

Can you imagine a life opposite this lifestyle?

  • Not wanting anything
  • Not believing you can have anything
  • Doing nothing
  • Receiving nothing and not being grateful

Moving forward toward your dreams requires you to believe in your desires in order for you to put that passion and energy in to the universe so it can bring you everything you want.

I see this lifestyle with a 90/10 Rule… 10% of what comes in to your life is what you did not ask for and 90% of  your life is what you ask for.  10% of the people and events happen because everyone is manifesting…. and sometimes, they are asking the universe for someone just like you…. and they attract you to them… even though you did not ask for them.  This 10% of what you do not want or did not ask for is required in order for you to appreciate, be ready for and attract more of the 90% of what you do want. That 10% gets you ready for your soulmate, your promotion, your million dollars in the bank….. your wish list…

So, when you have a challenge, know that it is helping you make the 90% of your life even more fabulous!

Know, Believe, Action, Receive…. It’s all good.


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