Personal Empowerment Sessions With Jade

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Breakthrough-Coaching with Jade InspirationBreakthrough Session
1 hour Breakthrough Session – 60 minutes $150  $120

Are you ready to breakthrough what is holding you back from truly creating your desired life?  This breakthrough session is specially designed to help you bring to light what has been keeping you stuck.  You know you were created for something more, you know you have a passionate purpose and you know when you’re not following your dreams.

Release ResistanceReleasing Resistance to Transformation
2 Hours Session by Skype – 120 minutes (2 hours) $205  $195

Get to the core of your resistance to change, growth, releasing energy blocks and transformation. You’ve been struggling for a long time and are ready to do the work to let go and begin your journey of growth and abundance.

Jade-tarot-readingsTarot & Angel Card Readings
Reading Sessions by Skype – 60 minutes (1 hour) $90  $75

Looking for guidance and angelic feedback?  This intuitive and personal reading may help guide you in a positive, loving direction.

clarity-session with JadeClarity Sessions
Clarity Session by Skype – 60 minutes (1 hour)  $150  $125

You’re struggling with a decision for a while now and you need clarity, direction, inspiration and focus.  This one hour session helps you open your perspective and awareness to move you powerfully in the right direction.  Make a decision.

eftEFT Tapping Sessions

EFT Tapping Session by Skype – 60 minutes (1 hour) $154  $135

We will focus EFT Tapping on releasing limiting beliefs, negative self talk, emotional triggers and uncovering hidden road blocks that you want to overcome.  Excellent when emotions are intense and you want to release & heal energetically.