Souls Never Bump Into Each Other By AccidentSouls Never Accidently Bump Into Each Other

Have you ever met someone or simple felt a familiar energy when you  were near them?  It’s interesting how the soul remembers and knows instinctively who you are meant to meet in this lifetime.  Soul Contracts are created during our time in the spirit realm where we are given choices, duties, responsibilities, learning objectives and life purpose before being born into our physical bodies. We were scheduled and purposeful in every way.  This is why we feel a need to search, an emptiness to fill, a soul desire to express and your spirits need to connect with others.  This connection and discovery is what helps us grow each time we are here living this human experience.

But why don’t we always remember what plans we mapped out for ourselves before coming into this heavier energy of physical beingness?  Why can’t we come here with a playbook, directions, moment by moment playbooks like football players  planning their score?  Good question.

It is in the doing of our human experience that brings us to our greatest selves.  We were meant to experience these questions, fears, questions, emptiness and longing for good reason.  These emotions propel us forward into an abyss of what ifs, should I’s, and what should I do’s.  Your soul self remembers and your human self desires to express and connect with those who are meant to be on this journey with you in order to help you grow and rediscover your gifts, talents, abilities to love and forgive.  It’s a way to make you grow and become stronger for the next lifetime.

Everyone you meet has a purpose in your life:

  • To see your true self
  • To discover your strengths
  • To help you embrace your life purpose
  • To remember your worth and value
  • To teach you how powerful you truly are
  • To remind you that resistance is not necessary
  • To cajole you towards finding your peaceful inner space
  • To truly love yourself and all you are
  • To re-direct you when you are lost

Whether the experience is good or bad, happy or sad, just knowing that this connected spirit of another is part of our journey to your best self is what will help you understand your journey was meant to be lived as a mystery.  Not knowing who is right around the corner is the most exciting and releasing power you have.  Enjoy the mystery.

Namaste – Jade

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