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Successful But Feeling Unfulfilled

On the Right on Baby Podcast the Inner Growth Show, Jade talks about how to focus on your inner guidance to enhance your inner well being rather than finding fulfillment from outside sources.

Successful But Feeling Unfufilled

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Successful but Unfulfilled
I’ve coached and met incredibly successful and capable people in my life and a common theme I hear is: “I’m successful with my work, financially and security wise, however, I’m not happy. I don’t feel fulfilled or gratified inside. I feel empty. ” Can you relate?

You can feel empty for many different reasons even though outwardly, you are very successful and people admire you for your accomplishments.

I’ve learned through my studies, coaching others and in my own life that this feeling of uneasiness comes from but not limited to:

1. A subconscious feeling of unworthiness – Not feeling good enough or deserving of happiness.

2. Consciously not listening to your inner guidance of what truly makes you happy… We’re so swept up in our day to day lives of pleasing others and putting alot of energy into putting on a mask to show people who we are not, just to be accepted and not ridiculed.

3. Searching for inner fulfillment from outside sources such as addictions, superficial relationships, even careers that do not match our true passions and gifts.

4. You’re not accepting or listening to your true feelings and needs. Somewhere along your path through life, you stopped listening to your heart therefore, you don’t give yourself the love, compassion and understanding you deserve.
When we consciously and unconsciously stop listening to our hearts and primarily live through our intellect, we consistently talk ourselves out of busting out of our comfort zone, or taking risks and actions that will create a life of joy and gratitude. Keeping your life as is. These negative habitual thoughts and beliefs stop the flow of our creativity, faith and desire to change.

So how do you get out of your head and into your heart, so you can and will create a life of inner peace and joy?

1. Know you are worthy of everything you envision for yourself and the good of all involved. Affirmation: “I am worthy, I am precious, I am limitless, I love myself.”

2. Take 5 to 15 minutes a day to meditate or to sit in silence and ask yourself “What do I need in this moment?” “What am I feeling right now?” “Am I living in my authenticity?” Listen to your answers from your heart and your answers will give you more direction and guidance on where to apply your energy and be more in the flow rather than stuck.

3. Reflect on your life in this moment. Ask yourself… Are my relationships nurturing and positive? What and who do I need to let go of in order to have inner peace rather than reaching for negative sources outside myself that no longer serve me?

4. Take an honest, raw look inside yourself, really feel what your heart is going through. Are you feeling rejected, dysfunctional, unworthy, unfulfilled, bored, fearful, resentful, guilty? Allow these emotions to come up in whatever form they need to. Be knee deep in it all so you can accept your feelings and commit to forgiving yourself, be willing to let them go, reframe them to positive accurate beliefs and statements and continue creating and building more and more positive feelings about yourself. It takes work, desire and compassion to change your inner world from darkness to sunshine, but if keep at it… you will get there….

Listen to your heart and know you are deserving and worthy of an abundant, amazing life

Give yourself what you need rather than turning to outside sources

Be honest with yourself about your feelings so you can make changes and let negative feelings transform into positive ones.

Remove negative influences from your life like negative, hurtful people and relationships, find your passion in your career, be transparent to others emotions.

Let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Always remember, your life flows from the inside out and cultivating inner peace and joy is the source of your greatest happiness….

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  1. Greg Bunton

    Just listened to your latest podcast. Once again another home run. Thank you for giving us something to think about each day. If it be our work, relationship or just where we are in our lives and are we truly happy or just going through the motions. Great tips on how we can change. Thank you again Jade. Awesome job