Teal Swan Synchronization Workshops – Review

Teal Swan live workshops fascinate me because of how powerful her techniques are to help people go deep within themselves, face their shadows that are stopping them and release them.  When Teal-Swan-Reviewswe do not acknowledge our pain, we cannot release it.   Teal Swan’s synchronization workshops have touched many lives and when Teal Swan shares individual experiences of breakthroughs and transformation with the entire audience, everyone is lifted and effected.  I’ve always admired Teal Swan for her honesty, intelligence and for rising above her own traumas from child abuse and unthinkable experiences.

Take a look at live synchronization workshop sessions below with Teal Swan. Amazing!

Upcoming Teal Swan Synchronization Workshop – Live Workshop – Limited Seating

learn-moreDate: Sunday, April 9, 2017
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm followed by a booksigning

Synchronization Workshops operate according to the most basic law of the Universe, The Law of Attraction. In short, the Law of Attraction is an observable law which dictates that the vibration which a person holds, is mirrored physically in their reality. Everyone in the room during this event is a match to one another in terms of their vibration. Teal calls people up on stage to work through issues and find healing. The whole audience benefits by watching people work through issues that they themselves may struggle with. This in combination with collective group exercises co-creates an intense and deeply moving workshop that you won’t want to miss.



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