Testimonials & Reviews About  Jade Inspiration

tree-franklin-testimonial“Knowing Jade is like having your own private, personal cheerleader. She’s always there to cheer you on, to inspire and motivate, to share her wisdom and give you loving, supportive and gentle nudges along your journey, celebrating your small wins with as much vigor as your big ones. I feel safe around her and I know that no matter what I tell her, she’ll listen with love, compassion, a genuine willingness to help and even more so, the know-how to help!” Tree Franklyn – Writer, Doodler & Happiness Expert – Find Your Inner Happiness

Jody-Bamuel-1“I can’t say enough about Jade Inspiration and how much of a positive force she has been in my life!..She has this way about her of making you feel like there is nothing you can’t accomplish, no goal is too big or out of reach..Jade not only inspires you to attain your goals and realize your dreams, she literally transforms your life!..Before I was coached and mentored by Jade, I wasn’t sure how to turn my passion into a career..I wasn’t confident nor did I believe I could do what I wanted and be successful..I almost gave up on the idea all together..Jade not only made me believe in myself, but she also walked me through the steps and stayed with me..She was so encouraging and sincerely believed in me that all self doubt was gone..Knowing she had my back allowed me to take those scary steps into the unknown feeling brave and supported..I am very happy to say that now I am well on my way to my own successful career and my life is forever changed for the better!..Jade Inspiration  truly is a gift to this world!” –Jody Baumel – Law of Attraction & Intuitive Coach

Nicole-Merie-testimonial“Everything just felt off…no energy, no focus, constant pain everywhere in my body, anxiety, stress…the best way I can sum it up is I just felt lifeless, exhausted & completely overwhelmed. It was at this point that a friend handed me a copy of The Tapping Solution & put me in contact with Jade. Always open to new modalities & literally having nothing to lose, I dove in. Can’t say that I expected much & I still can’t explain what I felt after my first session with Jade! It was incredible! How could a simple phone conversation & some tapping have this effect?! I felt clear & my legs felt alive. The only way I could describe the sensation was like ants marching in their straighter than straight lines in rows down my legs!!! The energy was intense & amazing. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude towards this incredible woman! Jade is such a beautiful soul! Her warmth & positive energy has made a world of difference for me & I could not be more thankful for the doors she has helped me open for myself. I feel like I now have the most simplest of tools to once again move forward & take control of my physical & emotional well-being. Endless Thank You For Your Time & Healing Energy Jade!!! xoxox” Nicole Merie “Live Simply. Remain Grateful.”

Lisa-Kuznarik---Blue-Dragon“Jade is amazing!  She has helped me so much with both my personal growth and my business outlook.  Her intuition is spot on, and her genuine compassion is heartfelt.  Through the use of EFT and other methods, Jade has helped me work through several blocks that were unknown to me.  I have more confidence in myself and my work.  I feel happier and more balanced than I have in years!  From a business perspective, I have increased drive and motivation to finally pursue my dreams.  I am expanding my jewelry line and in the process of creating a new website and online store.”  Thank you Jade Inspiration! Lisa Kuznarik, owner of Blue Dragon Beadworks


Julie-Jeger-2“I would like to take this opportunity to offer my thoughts regarding Jade Le as a Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Being a personal coach myself, I have had the honour of working with Jade on various projects, and feel I am qualified to give my professional and personal recommendation. Jade is the epitome of “energy”. Jade has a positive and upbeat personality, a great sense of humour, and compassion for others that is unmatched. As a speaker she fills the room with energy and light, and her talk always keeps her audience engaged. Her messages are full of positivity and empowerment, and powerful tools to help people enhance their experience and their lives.
Have you ever felt that you would like to talk with a Life Coach, only you are too afraid to take that step because you’re not sure if you will like them, or if they will understand your situation and what you need? Fear not with Jade – you will have a feeling of safety and trust within the first few minutes of speaking with her. Her knowledge and expertise, along with her compassionate nature will make you feel instantly at ease.
If you are looking for someone who will leave you feeling great about yourself and looking forward to your future with positivity and excitement – call Jade, it will be the best decision you ever made.” Julie Jeger – Personal Transition Coach

drew-avery-22“One of Jade’s greatest strengths is that she brings real world experience to her coaching. She truly understands “first hand” the deep emotional blocks that disrupt our happiness and keeps us from reaching our true potential. What makes Jade unique is her background …she has enjoyed great success in both the “corporate world” and as a driven entrepreneur, which gives her a much richer understanding of the challenges we face in today’s fast paced world. Best of all… she’s an amazing “listener”. I have worked with Jade for many years and her loving, positive, and even light hearted approach to personal struggles makes it so easy to open up and discuss the “tough issues”. I can’t tell you how many times she has listened to me go “on and on” and then gently offered up an incredibly insightful perspective that completely changed my way of thinking. The word “inspiring” gets used a lot…but I can honestly say Jade has been a great inspiration to me…not only in her passionate desire to help others, but in the way she lives her life. I count myself very fortunate to have worked with Jade…my life has been made better for it.” Drew Avery – Health & Fitness Product Developer, Writer, Body For Life Champion

Paul-Colaianni-overwhelmed brain“Jade has been incredibly valuable to me in both my personal and professional life. When things were starting to look a little bleak in my career, she absolutely lived up to her name (Inspiration!) and got me through those challenging times.
She has a gift of lifting you up when you are down, and helping you get through whatever challenges you have. Her heart is open and she has an incredibly giving and positive nature. I am honored to know her.” Paul Colaianni – Host of The Overwhelmed Brain and Author


Jennifer-Liu-Testimonial“Jade “Inspiration”, is truly that… an inspiration. Coming from a “not so pretty” background, and having to relive the repercussions of a troubled youth, Jade, through her continuous and courageous quest to seek healing strength, and peace, has certainly come a long way and has made it through the fire.
Knowing Jade for about 2 years, it seems like we’ve been friends since birth because she is real and relatable, like an old friend that you’ve known forever. Jade is a great listener and has a heart full of genuine love and compassion, which is perfect for her profession as a Life Coach. When it comes to life, Jade has lived it to the fullest and she’s the kind of gal who’s “been there, done that”. First hand experience speaks volumes when it comes to being able to know where a person is coming from, being familiar with their pain, their fears, insecurities, and deepest desires.
I am confident in Jade’s ability as a Life Coach. Regardless of the challenges Jade had to overcome from her past, she has managed to emerge from the fire as a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. It is her heart’s desire to help others to heal and to find the freedom to live the life of their dreams.
If you’re tired of being sick and tired, and want to be inspired, take the first step and call Jade today!” Jennifer Liu – Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Workshop Presenter, Sky Blue FIT Living

bruce-van-horn-worry-no-mor“When you first meet Jade, whether in person or online, the first thing you will notice is her enthusiasm and love for life. It authentically shines in her smile and resonates in her voice. Jade is a truly beautiful person and a light that is much needed in this world. Whether in person, or through her blog and podcast, Jade is constantly making this world a better place. She has been such a great encouragement to me and supporter of my work, and I am blessed to have her in my life!” ~ Bruce Van Horn – Author, Speaker, Coach


Coach Jade Testimonial“My name is Greg Bunton. I work full time at CSULB and have landscaping business which I’ve had for the past 25yrs. At times I wanted to try and grow the business but I had my fears and doubts and concerns as anyone would when it came to starting or growing a business and how do I go about doing this. I really hit a road block until I had the opportunity meet and talk on the phone with Jade. She really opened my eyes to what I needed to do to make this happen. She asked me all the right questions and helped me to fill in the blanks on how I can go about building my business. She steered me in the direction I needed to go. She opened my eyes to all the positive things and took away my fears and concerns. In other words she set me up for success and got me on the right path to grow my business. And at this time my business is growing with just a few ideas Jade gave me in order to make this happen. She gave me the confidence I needed to make it happen. And the part I really like is Jade will be following up with me to make sure I stay on track and meet the goals she and I set up for my success.
Jade, I can’t Thank you enough for giving me the confidence and direction I need to make this happen. She really gave me all the tools I needed and opened my eyes to all the great opportunities I could have with this business. By the way this is the first time I have worked with a Life Coach. I would highly recommend Jade. Jade, once again Thank you so very much. You gave me the push over the top I need and I look forward to working with you and staying on track. You are the best.” Greg Bunton- Landscaping by Greg

Michael-hsu-heal-from-ground“Jade is a true multidimensional force of the universe – not only as a coach but as an amazing speaker and soul. She doesn’t just talk the talk but she walks the walk. Jade has had an amazing journey in life which really shows in our sessions as she speaks from the heart and her true experiences. She truly cares about you, through and through. And that in itself is priceless. What I find is truly important with Jade is the lightness and occasional humor she brings to the sessions. Because at some point I had to be able to laugh at myself for making myself so small. Jade has unwaveringly reminded me of my true light, my true power.” Michael Hsu – Heal From the Ground Up – Podcaster and Life Coach


Coach Ayisha - UCI Testimonial- Jade Life Coach Speaker“Jade Le is an excellent and inspirational Life Coach. She excels in getting her clients from where they are now to where they want to be. She has a remarkable way of helping her clients deal with limiting beliefs about themselves, which is key when you are on a road to achieving success. I truly enjoyed Jade as a coach and student. She is warm and inviting with a great personality and soothing spirit.
I highly recommend Jade Le and Jade Inspiration as a Life Coach and inspirational speaker.” Coach Ayisha MCC, CLC Universal Coach Institute


andrew-lukonis-eftscience“I had the utmost privilege of connecting with Jade through our EFT Certification class at IMU. She truly is an amazing and inspirational person! Even though already successful in her career as a life coach, she’s still pursuing her own spiritual development to enhance her effectiveness with her clients. While the average person may believe they have “arrived” once they reach a certain level of achievement, Jade’s vision is so much larger that she had the courage to really look inside herself to find and eradicate those negative emotions & limiting beliefs that were preventing her from giving her BEST! It takes a humble and caring heart to explore the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind with the goal of shining your light brighter to bring it to others. But that sums up Jade Inspiration perfectly! I am grateful to know her and honored to call her my friend.” Andrew W. Lukonis – Certified EFT Practitoner, Founder of EFT Science


deborah-lindsey“As an instructor, I am struck by the enthusiasm and heart that Jade puts into her work as an EFT Practitioner. She is deeply devoted to helping people and is highly skilled in her art. She is a precious gem for those seeking healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Deborah Lindsey – International Metaphysical University Instructor


Gina Kane Second Chance-3“Jade is well equipped with the latest knowledge of EFT tapping. Combining that with her intuitive coaching experience I recommend her to help you find blocks holding you back and release emotional baggage. She provides a podcast interviewing inspiring guests that can be life changing to listen to. I suggest sitting down with Jade for a consultation to see if she can help you achieve your dreams.” Gina Kane – Creator & Host of A Second Chance Podcast


jade-life-coach-testimonials“Jade has been such a support for me as well as giving me a sense of empowerment to realize my goals. Through her teachings, I Have now realized these goals, “retrofitted” my decision making abilities and now live a happier, more forward way of living.” Cheri Carey


Matt-Luat“Sometimes, life can seem so complex, coming with its fair share of struggles while causing quite a bit of emotional wear and tear. As a firm believer in building one’s health from all angles, I know that to be truly fit requires that we care for not just our physical, but also our mental, well being. That’s why I am so glad to have met Jade over at Jade Inspiration and host of the Right On Baby! podcast. Jade’s articles and podcast episodes explore many different self-improvement techniques and tips, helping me to rediscover life’s joys despite any bumps in the road. Jade’s uplifting spirit has helped to keep me motivated and look past the fluff to find what truly matters in my own individual happiness. Highly valuable content and I recommend Jade Inspiration to anyone seeking a positive change in their life.” –Matt Luat – Personal Trainer – Breaking Brawn