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Jade has an indepth conversation with Dr. David Che, author of the wildly successful book, Total Law of Attraction. Since childhood, Dr. Che has studied and practiced the Law of Attraction and he goes indepth sharing the secrets he has learned to truly harness the power of the Law of Attraction. Whether you are just curious about the power of your mind or an expert at the Law of Attraction, from this interview you will walk away with a greater understand and tips that go beyond anything you’ve learned before about the Law of Attraction so far.

Total Law of Attraction, I will fully explain in everyday language:

ALL the important information the hit movie, ‘The Secret’ left out

  • Why positive thinking alone does not work. I’ll reveal the 3 other missing things you need to know!
  • Quantum physics, Einstein, and the REAL scientific explanations BEHIND the Law Of Attraction
  • Why BELIEVING is not just wishful thinking, it has everything to do with whether the Law Of Attraction will work for you OR against you!
  • How the Law Of Attraction DIFFERS from the Law Of Gravity

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Welcome to the Jade Inspiration right on Baby Podcast- The Inner Growth Show

This show focuses on you and your wellbeing from the inside out. Moving forward with courage and an amazing attitude knowing every moment of your life is transformative. So let’s kick it up and bust out of your comfort zone.

I am so excited to have my guest here today and it is Dr. David Che, the author of Total Law of Attraction- Unleash Your Secret Creative Power to Get What You Want! Now, Dr. David Che is a dentist by profession but The Law of Attraction is something that he has been obsessed about since childhood. After deeply studying on the subject and successfully applying it in his life, he has made it his life dream to help others tap into their hidden power so they can also achieve success.

He has put the best information he’s ever learnt into his powerful and practical book Total Law of Attraction. I met Dr. Che after I bought his book. Like many Law of Attraction practitioner, I had a phlatora of books and research on the subject and just didn’t need another book to read because I had incorporated it into my life already and I taught it to my clients also with a great result. However his book was different and in this interview you’ll understand why. You know Dr. Che has shared the stage with Luminaries such as Jack Canfield and many others. He’s also in Law of Attraction advisor. So I contacted him ask him to be a guest on my show to talk about the Law of Attraction because his book is incredibly unique and really gives advice that goes beyond what most books have covered about the subject and I knew that any Law of Attraction practitioner would find it refreshing and enlightening. I enjoyed how he approaches the Law of Attraction from a very realistic stand point and gives a positive perspective for its use. From this interview you will take a way some valuable and rare tips on how to use the Law of Attraction and create the life you love. So, listen in and enjoy the show.

Jade: Hello, Dr. Che thank you so much for joining me today.

Dr. Che: Hi, Jade. Thanks for having me.

Jade: Absolutely. I’m so excited to have you here because I’ve actually been working with the Law of Attraction for over a decade now. It’s also called LOA for Law of Attraction and it’s really made a huge difference in all areas of my life and the life of my clients too. Even after being certified as an LOA practioner, finding your book, the Total Law of Attraction was a godsend for me. You truly make the study and practice of LOA complete for many practitioner at every level. I mean our life experience really as how we enjoy or hate our life is determine by our thoughts and emotions. Therefore whether using LOA or not, your practical steps and thought processes are great to live by.
So first let me ask you Dr. Che what is the Law of Attraction and how did you learn so much about it?

Dr. Che: Well, when I was studying the Law of Attraction back when I was a child, it wasn’t really call Law of Attraction. I think Law of Attraction, the name got popular during the 2006, the book The Secret and the movie that it got really really popular.

Jade: Oh yes. Very very popular

Dr. Che: Yes. It was when everybody started to call it the Law of Attraction. There are so many different definitions for the Law of Attraction and depending on what book you read and there’s tons of them out there and who you talk to and there’s a lot of different coaches out there who give a different definitions but my personal definition for Law of Attraction is the after process of tapping into the inner power of our subconscious mind to manifest into reality, into our reality, our physical reality, what we desire in life. So that’s just my simple, basic down to earth definition of it and like I said there’s different ways you can explain LOA, you can define it but that is the way I like to talk about it because ultimately to me the Law of Attraction is something that is we all have and it is hidden in our subconscious mind which we will get into later what that is. That’s what I said it’s about tapping into the power of our subconscious mind and tap whenever we want it always.

Jade: Oh definitely subconscious mind. Actually if I understand correctly our actions are based 95 percent on our subconscious minds.

Dr. Che: Yes, yes and the thing is we have conscious mind, the subconscious. All of our daily, repetitive behaviour it’s engrained into our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is I guess you can say directly or indirectly responsible for bring forth our actions and the things that we attracted to in our life. It’s actually a good time to mention this because I’m gonna askew up the subject a little bit but you know LeBron James is arguably the best player in the basketball or I can say unarguably the best player right now in the NBA. He left the Cleveland Calaviers few years ago and play for the Miami Heat for four years. He just returned recently, returned back to Cleveland and the reason why I bring this up was because his new or former Cleveland team he’s on now just play exhibition game against the Miami Heat in Brazil and LeBron was so engrained in subconscious mind that he’s part of Miami that during that game that he’s actually started scream at his own teammate for his ex-teammate.[laughs]

Jade: Wow

Dr. Che: That goes to show you how four years of being in the same team just got himself repetitively in subconscious mind so engrained with that, that he’s actually even though he’s in new team now, he’s still were doing ‘work’ for his old team still.

Jade: Oh wow, that’s amazing. Let me ask you something. Wow this is such a big subject. It is almost like where do we go with this? But I think my next question would be : Why are people attracted to the Law of Attraction and for others why bother? What is it that’s so powerful about the Law of Attraction that people are so interested in it and really wanna learn about?

Dr. Che: Well I think for {??] and each individual and I’m not talking about the individual at the point where he was in total despair or depress or suicidal. I’m thinking about for the average person. I think we always in some way in whatever shape or form are trying to do things to better ourselves. We’ll always going to move up in life and always trying to get ourselves better than we were in trying to achieve success. At the same time I think we all somewhere somehow and its our goal to try to make ourselves better. We all have this a make believe that we have this power somewhat that we can affect our reality. We aren’t just born in this earth and we have this predetermined life that we suppose to live. I think most people believe that we have the means to shape our destiny. In fact has the ability to make a decision to change our reality in any given time. So because most of us don’t know how to use it and that’s what we gonna talk today about. I think that’s why more people are interested because you have this just a make believe that there is something in you that you can to make yourself better and you want to learn more about it.

Jade: Well definitely. In our earlier conversation we also talk about the 80/20 rule which I definitely want you to talk about later on. So where do we start in regards to just the basis of the Law of Attraction because I know that The Secret really teaches us to ask, believe and receive but there’s more to that. I mean in your book and I suggest to everybody to buy your book because we cannot give you all the information that’s in his book the Total Law of Attraction but give us a little bit about more as far as the steps that are included with ask, believe and receive.

Dr. Che: Well, I don’t think it is just The Secret that talk about that. I think most Law of Attraction books I’ve almost all talk about to ask, believe and receive. To me it’s good. I think there’s some major simplification of the whole process because if you just go through what’s talk about ask, believe and receive, it so much more involve and understanding in Law of Attraction. It so much more about taking action. If you just go by what’s being taught, you can be disappointed and you can be out off course really easily. So what we gonna discuss today is the steps on how to give you more realistic of Law of Attraction instead of the more commercialized. To me one of the first things that people need to understand is when you said ask what is it that you want in life. It’s not just about asking for it. Before you even start asking for it you have to have a clear cut image or thought of what exactly that you looking for. It’s not just about Oh well, I want a new car or It’s I want a new job or It’s I want more money. Yeah, that’s asking but the universe or our subconscious mind deals with more the exact thing. So if it’s a new car you want, what kind of a new car do you want? Is it a Ford? Is it a Chevy? Is it a Toyota? Is it a Lexus? You have to be very specific to what you want. So that’s the point where we all start from. Well it may sound really easy from what I talked about, in my experiences with people, just asking someone about what it is they want, isn’t even that simple for them. Those people are all about – I don’t wanna be poor or I don’t wanna be sick. Everything stated in a negative sense. So even the first step of stating clearly of what it is you want, your intentions, is difficult for most people. So if people listening here they are trying to get something out of this, the first thing is when you want the universe to bring you something you have to very very clear cut on what you want.

Jade: So that means like we can’t go back and forth Yes, I want a blue car, no, I want a black car? Or being going up and down on our desires? Is that?

Dr. Che: Yes, exactly.

Jade: Ok.

Dr. Che: Exactly. I mean if it is a certain amount of money that you looking to manifest? Write down in a piece of paper what is it exactly and stick with it. Don’t keep changing it all time. Because if you keep changing your mind. I mean I’m sure we met people that are wishy washy all the time. When people are wishy washy we can’t really get clear of what it is that they want us to do or what they asking for. The universe is the same way. The subconscious mind and the universe is the same way. If you not clear in what you want and you keep going back and forth on a different thing you will see the universe and your subconcious mind which are working together just can’t really get a clearer picture of what it is that you are looking for. So when things become confused, nothing happen most of the time.

Jade: Wow. I think that’s amazing how they are implies to Law of Attraction because it also applies to just life because if you don’t focus on what you want, you won’t take the action to get there and it won’t happen. You won’t make it happen because you do have to take action.

Dr. Che: Yes. Going back to what I said before, once you decide what you clearly want it’s not just about that too. This thing that you want has to be something that you really want. Things that something that your heart fully desires because if it’s just something that you like to have, it’s not likely it’s gonna manifest because the universe works through and we will get to in a little deeper. The universe works through emotion and if there is no emotional association with it then it is also likely the universe won’t bring in what you want either.

Jade: So it’s a combination of desire and passion for what you want?

Dr. Che: Yes.

Jade: That’s the emotion we’re looking for?

Dr. Che: Yes. Whatever it is you trying to manifest, it has to be a strong passion line of you want in order if you want to manifest it successfully.

Jade: Wow. So, okay the first part is asking, know exactly what you want, having a passion for what you want and really desire it which gives you the emotion required to focus on it or to put it out there?

Dr. Che: Focusing, thinking about it and putting out the same way. See, the thing is with quantum physics what we don’t realize is our brain is like, our subconscious mind is like a radio tower or a cell phone tower. It’s given us a signal even though we can’t see it because it’s invisible. So when we’re focusing on something what we don’t realize is we thinking about it. We indirectly, invisibly giving up this signals to the universe from our brain and our subconscious mind. It’s coming out of the brain, it’s coming out to the universe. The universe is picking up the signal sending out to it. So when you focusing on it, you are really bring it toward yourself.

Jade: So asking is definitely not saying yes I want and no I don’t, yes I want it but it’s not good enough, yes, I do but I’m not good enough and I don’t think that can happen. So that’s an up and down focus or is it really a focus.

Dr. Che: No we do not call it a focus. We call it scatter brain thinking.

Jade: Right. Scatter brain thinking. I like that. [laughs]. Could you continue on the steps of the Law of Attraction?

Dr. Che: Well, my personal steps. Now, again they said it’s ask, believe, receive. My personal steps go like this, the four steps that I outlined. It goes from thoughts, it’s the first step, emotion, believe and action. Now, going back to what we talked before when people say I wanna ask for it. You really don’t ask for to me in the sense of like you asking for it like asking a person to do something for you. To me when you’re asking for it, all you really doing is thinking about it. You don’t have to say out loud what you want. When you clearly decided in your heart what it is you trying to manifest into reality, into Law of Attraction all you really need to do is to have a strong emotional thought about it. You don’t need to ask it outloud and actually in reality it’s better to keep it to yourself and not say it outloud. Because it gives more power to it when it’s secret to yourself. My steps are thought, emotion, the third step is believe and fourth step is taking massive action.

Jade: Excellent.

Dr. Che: So we just gone through the part where you have a thought of something. You have this strong emotional connection to it which [??] universe into action for you and the next step is believe. Now, what is that mean? Believe is I’m gonna analogy like this- Let’s say you down on your locking and you trying to manifest to make some of money. Well when you go to think about it and see that you have that emotion behind it. Nine time out of 10 for most of us, you know we have conscious mind and subconscious mind. Once our subconscious starts to work, our conscious mind is gonna say to ourselves or what a logical mind gonna say-You know what this whole thing this is just not gonna work or you don’t deserve that money or there’s no way this process gonna work. I mean how can this possibly work? Our conscious mind is kinda like a protector. It’s kinda there. It’s logical mind so it’s gonna wanna fight you and it happens to all of us anytime or another. So believing in something, having the believe in the Law of Attraction is about being able to overcome your conscious mind. Being able to overcome that and truly believing that what you want the universe can bring to you eventhough right now no science or nothing has point to the fact that it can’t never happen. It may sound easy as I’m talking about it right now, believe in the whole process is really really difficult even for season practitioner. That’s huge.

Jade: Wow. Because you really do expand in your book. You expand on faith, believe, persistence. Give us more in depth of faith, believe, persistence because you are talking about believe right now. So expand on that.

Dr. Che: Well, to me faith, believe and persistence is, to me faith is basically same as believe, believing in something. I think faith is just a better sounding word and what this all mean is this is same as believe also. What that mean is, if I tell you something and you haven’t seen the evidence of it, if you have believe in me or if you have faith in me, it means that you completely trust me even though I haven’t shown you anything yet. Even though I haven’t shown you any proof yet. That is faith is all about. It’s about believing something before you seeing physical evidence of it. You know, when you persistence something, to me with the persistence is when you persist with something and you keep doing it and even though in the beginning you might not believe in it. But you start doing the same action over and over again because you keep persisting into it that builds your faith and believe. Because overtime it becomes repetitious, your subconscious mind starting to get it or starting to work in your favour and telling your conscious mind that Hey this guys doing this over and over again. Whatever he’s doing must be true and eventually the conscious mind starts to accept that is true as well. This faith, believe and persistence is a huge step in the Law of Attraction. I think I wanna guess the same. Ninety percent of the people that don’t fully understand the Law of Attraction, they somehow know what they want, they feel what they want but when it comes to the believe they don’t believe that it’s possible. Once there is disbelieve in the whole process the whole system in the Law of Attraction falls apart. Like the foundation of a house it just crumbles no matter how good the house is, the house is crumbles. So no matter how good your intentions are and your emotion is, if you don’t have believe in what you doing in the whole process, the whole process just falls apart. You going to be disappointed with the Law of Attraction in general.

Jade: That makes a lot of sense. So persistence is really changing your conscious mind to match up with your subconscious mind desires?

Dr. Che: Yes and actually one of the true essence of the Law of Attraction. So while we are around the subject, let me just give a little overview on the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Jade: Yes, please.

Dr. Che: Yeah. The conscious mind is located in our brain in what we call our brain. That’s where our conscious mind that’s controls our logic, our reasoning. Our subconscious mind is located in our hearts. So think of imaginary mind which located in our heart but it’s really powerful and subconscious mind is the seed of our emotion, it’s where our emotion originates. It’s the part where the manifestation occurs. It’s the mind which is connected to the essence of the universe. It also responds to emotion. It doesn’t think logically. It does not have logic. To the subconscious mind, anything is possible. There is no logic to it. It has no sense of time whereas the logical conscious mind groups time into the past, the present and the future but the subconscious mind has no clue what time is all about. When you trying to emotionalize something with The Secret, with the Law of Attraction, the conscious mind is the one that fight the subconscious mind. And the whole key behind the Law of Attraction is getting the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to work together. As long as one of them fighting each other, the whole system isn’t gonna work. The Law of Attraction is all about unifying both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Well that may sound simple, it’s very difficult. I’m gonna tell all listeners on here that I don’t care whatever book you’ve read, whether it’s The Secret or whichever made the whole Law of Attraction processes sound really simple, I’m gonna be in your face and tell you right now the whole Law of Attraction process is not that simple.

Jade: What suggestions can you give or advice can you give to harness faith, believe and be persistence with it.

Dr. Che: One of the biggest thing I tell people in the beginning is- You don’t lose believe or your persistence or your faith in the process. When you starting out using the Law of Attraction to trying to get what you want into reality, into your life, you wanna start with something small something that believable to you right now. So lets say for example you trying to manifest more money how about to manifest 500 or 1,000 dollars. Don’t go start manifest a huge amount that you’ve not used to huge amount before. Start with something small. If it’s a car what you want start manifesting something a car that you know is within your range not some crazy car that out of your range. Same with the house. You know like right now if you really down on your luck maybe you wanna start with manifesting small apartment or small townhouse before you get bigger and bigger. You wanna be able to, when you crawling you wanna learn how to walk before you can run. One of the biggest mistake I see people is they start out the whole process, they started with something too big well relative to their ability that is. They started off with something too big and they get overwhelmed and then their conscious mind finally, you never had a house that big before, you never drove in the car this big before, you never had this much money before. So what you doing? There’s no way it can work. So the conscious mind is invisibly fighting them and they don’t even realize it. That kind of thwarts the whole process. So anytime you using the Law of Attraction like any new skill you learning you wanna start out small and gradually work your way up higher.

Jade: Well I really like in your book cause you do mention that. You do mention being realistic so your are not constantly disappointed. But that also applies to the 80/20 rule. How do you apply the 80/20 rule because I know we talked about that and it just really, what I like about your book is so much is it’s very realistic. It’s applicable to today.

Dr. Che: Yes. Well the 80/20 rule works like this. I’m just applying it to the Law of Attraction and use it in a lot of business principle and a lot of things such as 80 percent of your effort produces 20 percent of your results and things like that. But with the Law of Attraction, this is the way I tell people. One misconception I wanna teach all listeners today is that The Secret and a lot of Law of Attraction books get you to think that life is all about positive thinking, positive feeling which I am on a same page with but one thing that we can’t stop in life there’s good things that happen to us in life and there’s gonna be bad things that’s gonna happen to us in life no matter what. That’s the way the life works. It’s the Yin and the Yang of the universe. There’s not just positive there’s always negative. There’s always something that balance out one thing. So I think if you thinking good and feeling good, you gonna be attracting good things. But there ‘s gonna be instances where you can’t avoid negative things. So it is all what the books didn’t talk about. People just thought Oh! Just think positive by a lot of these gurus but when something negative happens to them, they kinda thought Well that’s why your fault you must not been thinking positive all the time. You must have a negative thought which trapped you in the negative situations and that’s not always the case. Everybody has negative and positive thought. Everybody, all people know about the Law of Attraction but then there’s a lot of people that don’t know about the Law of Attraction. So they living their life by default. So they can be not knowing what they were doing and feeling negative, thinking negative and attracting negative things themselves. So the 80/20 rule applies like this where to me defining the Law of Attraction is if you successfully using the Law of Attraction to the fullest potential, at least 80 percent of your time you gonna attract what you want. You gonna attract positive situations into your life no matter what. But there’s gonna be 20 percent of your time where you could be thinking doing all the right things and things that are negative can still happen to you. So you don’t have to hold yourself accountable, there’s certain things that you just have to accept that’s what using the Law of Attraction successfully is all about. That there’s gonna be good times and hopefully most of them gonna be good times but there’s also gonna be negative times too, bad times and understanding this whole principal gives you further understanding on the Law of Attraction and that’s not the only law in the universe that’s working. There’s other law in place too.

Jade: You right. You cannot control everything that goes on in our life. Just 20 percent of our life just gonna be a little challenging. We can handle it right?

Dr. Che: Yes, yes.

Jade: Awesome, awesome. So onto our next subject. Now, harnessing the power of our minds to get what we want has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction, right?

Dr. Che: Yes. But it’s also quantum physics involve too. This is the part where I think I might be one of the rare few people discuss how this all work with quantum physics. It’s like people say to me the Law of Attraction sounds good but is there really science behind it or is it just bunch of some wishful thinking? Or is there a scientific basis behind the whole process? Well, many years ago, I would say most people don’t realize that The Secret was based of a book from 1900 called The Science of Getting Rich. So when that book was written talking about from that time we call the Law of Attraction there was really no science. Quantum physics was not there at that time. But during the World War II and around that time period, quantum physics really really started getting a lot of breakthrough. People were finding out, doing the discoveries about how the atoms work and how small particles work. So quantum physics has now given us a scientific proof that we’ve been looking for that really validates and improve the Law of Attraction is true. So the first thing we started out with is how is it that the subconscious mind is able to manifest the invisible into the visible. How is that all work? Is that just some kind of magic or how does science work behind it. It took me a long time to figure this out and to explain this, to make it and to able to explain it to people so it’s understandable, it’s not gonna overwhelm them. Basically what it is, is think of the universe. Before long time ago as there’s absolutely nothing. Starting with nothing but in this nothing there is something that invisible and we call it the ether the invisible substance. This is the beginning of everything. We call it the formless substance, ultimate matter which is nothing but it’s something. Okay, it’s gonna sound really bizarre but as I go through it, it will making more sense. In order for something physical to come out of this nothing, there has to be consciousness, awareness to something. There’s to be you know, you and I and everybody in this earth has this consciousness. It has to be a consciousness or awareness of something for something to come out of this nothing and within this nothing, this ether, I call it ether to make it more understandable. Within this ether there’s a lot of waves of energy. There’s a lot of invisible waves of energy in this nothingness. Just unlimited amounts of waves of energy that is nothingness and when you and I or anybody with the conscious mind has a thought of something, our thought collapses our thought literally collapses with the waves of energy into something that we can see or into something in reality, something into a physical reality that matter that we can see. The more conscious, awareness place upon it, this waves that we think about it overtime this waves become particles, this particles manifest into something that we can see overtime. So when people that hear about it at first time probably gonna sound really weird and bizarre. But quantum physics has shown that this is true. I think two years ago on July 4th, I might be mistaken the date but on July 4th, scientist has finally isolate this particles which call for the longest time of physics it’s called the Higgs particle or the “God particle” which is a particle of all particles and for a long time it was always thought to be something in theory that cannot be proven. Well, they finally discovered “The Higgs particle” and the Higgs particle is a particle that a microscopic particle, super duper small but physicist has postulate that this particles permeate entire universe and give mass or all because they permeate the entire universe they create an invisible energy field that gives mass to all other particles in the universe that allows them to become things. So to make a complicated topic understandable, just realized that for our listeners that our conscious minds, every time you think about something, your mind your way, your thoughts of your mind and our heart and our mind are doing something to be in the invisible field thats around us even though we can’t see it, it’s doing something around us, to the field around us causing the circumstances of events to manifest into reality to bring us what we want. It sounds crazy but it’s exactly that how it all work in a scientific level.

Jade: Wow and that’s where faithfully and persistence comes in because you have to make it a consistent emotional and consistent thought.

Dr. Che: Yes and you know people were like-Why is that process like that? Well, think about it. Imagine every little thought you have just manifest into reality. Like for this moment you think the Boogie Man or the monster, Boom! It shows up.

Jade: [laughs]

Dr. Che: That’s not the way the system or you have the negative vibe or negative thought or really bad thought about something boom boom then stop. Every second that you thinking about something and if that was the case, our life would be a chaos.

Jade: Oh yeah.

Dr. Che: So you know the universe, whoever design the whole system, design it to where, if you really want something to manifest, yes you can manifest it but it has to be done in a specific manner to where you really have to want it and in a manner which is not gonna hurt somebody else and in proper manner which it gonna come to you over time and not going to go poof in front of your eyes like that.

Jade: Now we talked about your process which is first thought, emotion, believe and the fourth action step is action.

Dr. Che: Which is to me taking a massive of action. This is again, another step which I am absolutely shocked at most Law of Attraction books and even The Secret never really going into. You know the kind of feeling I got after reading all these books and watching this other movies was that if I just think about what I want and believe and I can just sit around all day in the house and just wait for my desire to show up.

Jade: Right. [laughs]. That’s exactly [can’t figure out the next word]

Dr. Che: If wanna manifest amount of money I’ll just sit at home and wait for the cheque in the mail to show up. Certainly that’s not the case. What is the case is, no matter what it is that you manifest, in the end you still have to take massive action towards in getting what you want. Now that brings up a certain question. People are like when I tell people, Well, how to take massive action anyway? What’s the point of me going through the whole thought and emotion. What’s the whole bunch of Law of Attraction processes is all about when I can just take action anyway when I have to do a physical action and the way I explain to people is this- Now imagine you jogging outside, outdoors and you jogging and the wind starts to blow against you. Have you ever went against the wind before? You know how hard it is gonna be? How much is the energy it takes to run against the wind? Now if you turn the direction and went the other way and had the wind blowing from your back and you are running, have you noticed how much faster you running all the sudden? So, the same analogy applies here. If you just take action and don’t use your mind and have a clear outcome of what you are trying to do or objective, it’s gonna feel like you taking action and it’s a lot of waste and effort. You gonna feel like things are gonna be moving against you. You gonna have a lot of obstacles along your way. But when you use the Law of Attraction in this steps, you know we all, all those coaches, all the books, when you use the Law of Attraction in a systematic way to get what you want, you’ll get there in a much more expeditious route, in a much more relax and efficient route than if you aren’t using. So taking massive action is definitely necessary but the key is taking massive action at the right time when you see things that aren’t working on your favour, situations or events that aren’t working in your favour in bringing in what you want that’s when you taking massive action. You are not just going out and just taking massive action randomly. You taking massive what’s the kind of the right term of terminology, you taking the massive right actions at the right time. That’s what you doing or some cultures I’ve seen you call it you taking massive inspired action which means there things your subconscious mind will tell you-Okay now it’s the right time to take action. Now this thing, they will talk to you and subconscious say Okay, if you feel a hunch or a gut to take action that’s when you take action. Or you trying to manifest of certain car and of the sudden you see a commercials on tv on the car that you want with a great discount, well it is a sign the universe tell you, you need to take a massive action. Taking actions is about taking a massive action at the right time.

Jade: You know that is such an important point of massive action and really listening to your gut and your intuition and what your heart is telling you is something that you need to do to get what you want. What is your suggestions as how far to better listen to that nudge, that intuition?

Dr. Che: As children we always taught that when you have a gut feeling or a little hunch, don’t listen to that because nine times out of 10 that’s wrong. It’s how we’re taught in school. As a student of Law of Attraction for over 20 years, I can tell you right now that our gut feeling or an intuition or a hunch that we have, a lot of time it’s the right thing. Nothing is ever a 100 percent correct but our hunch and our gut feeling is actually the right thing. What it is a hunch or a gut feeling or an intuition? To me it’s our subconscious mind talking to us. When our subconscious mind talks to us it doesn’t talk to us like a person talks to us because there is no other person there but when you’ve given your thoughts, your emotions and your subconscious mind in trying to manifest something, your subconscious mind will work on it a lot of times without you being aware of it and when it decides on something whether it’s the right time to take action or has the answer to the solution to the problem you’re looking for, it will talk to you. It will talk to you in a form in a bright light of an inspiration or a hunch or a gut feeling for you to do something. When it does that, when you feel those hunches or the intuition, I’m here to tell you that nine times out of 10 you should take action on those. Sometimes it’s not always the right thing but if you don’t try, if you don’t do something if you don’t take action nothing happen. So Jack Canfield the great author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series he says this too. He says look at the last six letters of the word attraction. It’s action so the word action is part of the word attraction so in order to attract you have to act. I just tell people this is the key process to always stay on top of your game and always don’t deviate from the path you going. Always listen to your gut even though our kids were taught don’t listen to your gut but as an adult I’m telling you right now throw away everything you learn in grade school and start to listen to your intuition and your gut feeling.

Jade: Absolutely. I think people, we do have the answers inside of us it just that we forgot to listen to them. Like exactly what you saying, exactly. I guess as children you were taught to think logically. Think with your conscious mind rather than your subconscious heart. That’s where we kinda stray off and not listen to those internal nudges that tell us what we need to do. What I found with my own personal inner nudges is that to make a change like in my career. I left my 20 year corporate career and the nudge for me to leave that job which I was very unhappy with I mean that nudge it won’t go away. It is just listening to that inner nudge that really propel me to finally move forward and start my own businesses and go from there where I am tremendously tremendously happier now. So that’s the inner nudge you’re talking about that can really change your life?

Dr. Che: Yes, yes. It’s combination of inner nudge and your true heart desires in making yourself better and your heart and your emotion, your passion that’s moving you toward in taking action.

Jade: We talked about that emotion, believe and taking massive action. What other steps or other suggestions can you make because you have a lot of very unique but very powerful suggestions in your book. But right now could you summarize some of those other suggestions that people can use to really [ Dr. interjected]

Dr. Che: Well we begin with the Law of Detachment and that’s a big topic.

Jade: Awesome.

Dr. Che: Well I’m passionate

Jade: Yes it is. Law of Detachment is as powerful as the Law of Attraction and the other is Law of the Universe but we don’t have time to go over all the laws in the universe but definitely. The Law of Detachment. Let’s talk about that.

Dr. Che: Okay. The Law of Detachment obviously never talked about in the books that I ever read whether it’s the new ones or the older ones but remember the beginning of the session? I kinda mentioned to you that the universe works on duality? That positive things that happen to us and there’s negative things that happen to use. They are what the Chinese called the Yin and the Yang the positive and the negative, the light and the darkness, the good and the bad. Well, the Law of Attraction is one aspect of it so what is the negative twin of the Law of Attraction? It’s known as the Law of Detachment. So people say what is the Law of Detachment? I won’t explain in detail what is the Law of Detachment I can probably talk until tomorrow.

Jade: [laughs]

Dr. Che: But we don’t have much time so I kinda have to summarize

Jade: [laughs]. Okay.

Dr. Che: And kinda give us a brief description of what is the Law of Detachment is all about and for all listeners out there, the Law of Detachment is maybe the biggest critical factor to make the Law of Attraction works successfully. The Law of Detachment goes like this: Whatever it is that you trying to attract that you have a high passion for, a strong desire for, whatever it is that you trying to attract, at the same time you have to be detached from it. You have to have this feeling of Yes I want it badly but I don’t care if I don’t get it though. I think all Chinese philosophers all said most truth in our universe seems paradoxical or seen like a paradox to it and this is one of them. And a lot of truths are it’s like a paradox. It’s like I sound like I’m saying one thing and I’m turning around and I’m kinda contradicting what I just said but not really doing it even though it sounds like it. So the Law of Attraction is you try to manifest of what you want. You really want this thing and you trying to bring forth if you think about it and you emotionalize it. But then when you apply the Law of Detachment you have to the thrill that you don’ care if you getting it or not. You have that this feeling that you happy even though that you don’t have it but you still happy. So most of people are able to understand and grasps the Law of Attraction, Yes I want this. Very few people, only experience people can apply the Law of Detachment. Very few people that can let what they want so badly and go say-So what if I don’t get it. I’m happy, I’m fine.

Jade: Would this create kinda of challenge like you saying? Because I mean, we’re taught that Okay we need to have passion for what we want. We need to have consistent faith, believe and persistence for what we want but we have to let it go and not really care if whether we get it or not. What’s the power behind the Law of Detachment?

Dr. Che: Well think of it this way. If the universe responds to our emotions, how we feel, if you constantly attached to whatever you feel, you want, you built a resistance feeling to it. You start getting to feel that You know what? If I don’t get what I’m looking for I’m gonna to be disappointed. So you building up this resistance, you feeling the feeling that lack in you in your heart. Because if you already had what you had you would satisfied and you’d be content and you’d be happy. But the fact that you’re attached to this, that you really want this and that you can’t seem to live without it. That lets the universe know you don’t trust it. If you don’t trust me to do something for you and the whole time when I said- Give me one month to do this for you and you kept asking me well is it ready yet? You think you gonna be okay? Well, I’m gonna get this feeling that you don’t trust me to do this for you. So when you don’t trust me to do this for you I’m gonna lose confidence in you. So I may not be able to deliver what you want because you don’t trust me with it. To trust me with it, means that no matter what happens you know I’m gonna deliver it to you. You always gonna be happy about it. You trust me. So when you use the Law of Attraction you know universe works on believe which is trust and you trust it. So when you too attached to something you build up resistance and you give the universe the impression that you don’t believe, you don’t trust that it’s gonna work because if you did believe you won’t care about it. So there is so many different ways to explain this but I’ll tell you right now it took me a long time to figure this out. To make sense to me how this Law of Detachment was all about. Sometimes you need to have to read the definition over again. You have to experience the essence of it. You have to learn to let go to really be able to feel, to understand what being detached and letting go is all about.

Jade: Let me ask you what suggestions can you give to help people detach?

Dr. Che: That’s the tough question. Going back to what we talked about earlier and starting out with something small that you believe you can accomplish and that is not so overwhelming to you. By doing that by starting out small by something believable or something that you don’t have to risk your life or your whole life depends on that can train you to detach. Because if you start out with something big, If you desperate for something, if you desperate to manifest something, you definitely gonna be attached to it because you have this feeling that well if I don’t manifest to certain amount of money, my life is over or if I don’t get this my life is over. So anytime you have a thought like that you attached. No matter how detach you think you are but if you feel that if you don’t get what you want that your life it’s gonna be over or your life gonna suck if you don’t get it, you’re attached. You would be shock of how many people that I talked to where they’ve read a lot of books, they watched The Secret. They tell me that- Yeah I got the Law of Attraction down. I understand detachment and when I’m asking for advice and how to manifest then they said well if I don’t manifest within certain amount of time my life is over. I put everything into this. I’m like did you listen to yourself? You think you detached but you not. So advice, going back to what you ask about this, let’s starts with something small and believable to you. You know your life it’s not gonna depend on it for it to work. But by doing it overtime slowly and understand what detachment and what it is all about, you can slowly build your effort to let go of things. When you true let go and trust the universe and you let God do its work that’s when the universe trust you and believes that you know that you really believe in it. And it will start to work towards itself and bring what you want towards you.

Jade: Wow. Give us an example from your own life how the Law of Attraction has really affected you and what you want today.

Dr. Che: Oh wow. How many examples can I

Jade: I know really

Dr. Che: [laughs]

Jade: This weekend you gonna be sharing the stage with

Dr. Che: Jack Canfield. Yeah.

Jade: Yeah, absolutely. And this is a very very big big event. Is that something you manifest it?

Dr. Che: I never really thought about that. Maybe I did manifest it but I wasn’t consciously aware of it and now you bring it up. But one example, one primary example where I think it’s a good case of it is related to a recent it’s when my book. I originally self published my book to start out and I always wanted to sign up with big major publisher like everybody does and everybody wants that, that status. But as anyone knows getting an agent is next to impossible and getting sign up with them the publisher after you find an agent is by twice is impossible as that. [laughs] So even though I was self published, I was getting my book into the hands of lot of people and the reviews were great and I was try to, in the back of my mind believe and I manifest that my book can get into the hands of big name publisher and get more distributions and more people aware of what my book and teaching improve their life. But again I was detached. I was emotionally and I was truly emotionally talking to myself- You know what? I really wanna get sign up with a big publisher but at the same time from my experience, from my knowledge and I said you know what if it doesn’t happen I’m okay with it because my book is always gonna be here even if it’s not through big name publisher and I was always gonna be able to have the avenues through Amazons or [??]. You know this days we can self published and to get it into the hands of people who really want it but still with my persistence and my efforts you know long story short I was still because I was able to let that go, the universe was able to bring me to the situations where I was able to get recognize and sign up by an agent. I was able to get my work into the hands of editors Simon & Schuster and get sign up with them. So ultimate to make a long story short I was self published for few years but I stayed with the goal and I stayed on track. I didn’t lose my faith in the process of the universe. At the same time I was detach. I was like You know what? If it doesn’t happen, it’s okay. I’m happy. I’m happy to just help people. I get what I meant but because I was able to let it go the universe trusted me and believe in me and said- You trust me Im gonna trust you. I’m gonna bring in what you want.

Jade: Wow. I love that story because you were self published at first and the publisher that pick you up not to long ago is Simon & Schuster. I mean you can’t get any bigger publisher than that.

Dr. Che: Yes and what people didn’t realized that Simon & Schuster also published The Secret as well.

Jade: Oh. Okay, okay.

Dr. Che: Yes.

Jade: Wow. So your book the Total Law of Attraction, when is that it’s gonna be coming out from Simon & Schuster?

Dr. Che: Oh. It’s really been out.

Jade: Oh.

Dr. Che: The book has been out and if you anywhere from your Iphone and you know iBooks store and set and type The Total Law of Attraction and if you are on Android phones Google Play Books. It’s on Cobooks, it’s own, Barnes and Noble book site, well anywhere books are sold you can find it. Just type in the title Total Law of Attraction, it would just come out. And I made it really affordable or Simon & Schuster have made it affordable. It’s only $1.99 to download the book.

Jade: That’s right.

Dr. Che: You wanna go to the website to learn more new information. Just add the website is www.

Jade: Awesome. Now, you are also Law of Attraction advisor?

Dr. Che: Yes, I mean I wanna consider myself more like of the Dr. Phil type so where I’m not so much of I mean I can call myself as a life coach but I’m gonna call myself more as the advice guru instead.

Jade: I can see why.

Dr. Che: Yes. So if you looking for advice just send me email at and see if there’s anything that I could do to move things along in your life’s goal.

Jade: Oh, awesome. You know Dr. Che you are absolutely incredible and the Total Law of Attraction is so much more powerful for me and my clients now. I just thank you so much for your presence today and giving us so much information. So why aren’t I just do this. Let just ask you what would you like to leave our listeners with right now before we sign off.

Dr. Che: That your life is not predetermined that you have the power and in any given moment in your life without your homelessness street now to whereever in your life you are. To change the way you thinks about things. Because when you change about and the way you feel about things, be it environment or the universe, it would slowly change itself towards you.

Jade: Wow. Right on. I like that. I like that a lot. Well thank you again Dr. Che, I so appreciate. So if you wanna get a hold of Dr. Che you can go to his wesite

Dr. Che:

Jade: Awesome and you also have contact information form if you want to contact him as your Law of Attraction advisor.

Dr. Che: Thanks so much for having me.

Jade: Oh your so welcome and thank you so much for spending time with us today. I hope you could come back again. Would you come back and talk to us again?

Dr. Che: Sure.

Jade: Awesome. So good luck with your book and we’ll talk to you soon.

Dr. Che: Great.Thanks so much.

Jade: You’re welcome. Bye.

Wow that was awesome you know Dr. David Che is an amazing person and he is the Law of Attraction expert and an advisor and I highly recommend to buy this book on and it’s called Total Law of Attraction published by the huge publishing company Simon and Schuster. If you like to find other information of about Dr. David Che, you can also find him on his website Thanks everybody! I will talk to you soon.