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Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

If you’ve lost sight of being inner guided, and the opinions of others have more weight… begin to take your own council.  Rely on your own instincts, opinions, priorities and experiences to help you make healthy decisions.

Your experiences ultimately were designed to teach you what you need to learn in order for you to expand and grow to serve your life purpose.  Therefore, if we listen and are guided by other people and the outside world, we lose sight of our own inner voice and we get stuck because it is not truly our soul’s guidance.

If we trusted ourselves, we would have no room for self doubt, fear of failure, our life purpose direction, our relationships, making mistakes……

Move inward….

Visualize yourself speaking with your higher self and have a little chat about the issue or decision in mind.  You will find the guidance you need.

Meditate on the question at hand and the answers will come to you.

Feel how it feels when you imagine yourself taking a certain action and if it feels good, that option is probably the right one.

You have the wisdom and the heart to live this life any way you wish.  It is up to you to evolve through your personality and align with your intuitive, spiritual guidance and nudges.  It is all about your inner guidance and reclaiming your power to thrive within and break out of your fears every moment.


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