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We all go through transitions in our lives when the challenges are overwhelming and it’s difficult to always be at peace, blissful and perfectly content.  To think we were created to be in total bliss all the time is a misconception, to an extent.  From pure spirit to being born into this physical realm, these physical bodies, we were immediately weighed down by the heavier energies of physicality.  In order to exist, spirit needs no body or physicality.  In order for our bodies to live, it requires spirit.  The essence for you.

The thing is, our soul wanted this human experience in order to delight in the expression of a new dimension of being. Human existence is by nature, filled with ups and downs, tornado minds, problems and issues.  Our spiritual essence is always at peace, loves unconditionally and expresses genuinely which is why negative feelings and thoughts are so uncomfortable.
At our very core, we came from purity and a higher vibration.  So, we reach for that blissful state, always because we know intuitively how amazing it is to be that free spirit before entering our physical bodies.

Why all the explanation about spirit, birth and body?  It is all interconnected within you. You and your experiences are always purposeful towards the goal of rising above and reconnecting again to your true self.  Challenges get our attention in order to motivate, inspire, require and demand that we do things differently in order to find inner peace, solutions, higher consciousness and awareness.  There is purpose in every single moment of not feeling good enough, not having faith, not believing in yourself because you innately believe the opposite.  If you really did not believe in yourself, you wouldn’t be reading this article or learning new ways to connect with your spiritual essence.  If you didn’t have faith, you likely wouldn’t still be here.  If you didn’t believe in yourself, your life would be way worse than it is right now. At your core, in your heart you hear the whispers of your divine self nudging you forward to “be gentle with yourself”, “here, go this direction”, or “this is the way you need to go” and “yes, you are good enough, strong enough, lovable enough and worthy of all that is precious to you”.  And with these intuitive nudges you can decide, consciously or unconsciously what to do next. Spirit can also sometimes scream at you, lovingly ofcourse. Therefore, at all levels of your existence, you continue on, you move forward, you take another small step, you continue to question, you continue to reach higher and more intuitively and you continue to grow, stall, evaluate than move forward again.

The final word here is:  No matter how twisted your path has been, you already are victorious and the day you embrace the truth that it is your inner strength that has seen you through, you will recognize it and appreciate that you are strong enough to get through anything.  With this belief, no challenge will ever be greater than your resolve.



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