Your life is yours to live, no matter how you decide to live it.
When you don’t think about how you intend to live it, it lives you.
When you embrace it, step into it consciously, you live it.

Your life is yours to live

Much has been written and spoken about following our hearts passions and being our authentic self.  When we try to live our lives by whims and standards of others, we lose ourselves.  When we lose ourselves, our energy is depleted, it goes out but nothing comes in.  Living consciously and intuitively allows you to make choices that are driven by your soul self and your true essence of being.  Natural flowing energy from this perspective leads you to embrace yourself, grow spiritually and anchor your life to what feels right to you.  Grounding your energy entails a knowing that you are an ever evolving being and a balance of left and right brain wisdom help you maneuver through each moment.

Your life is yours to live.  No one other than yourself can decide for you what, when and where to go from here. Living consciously forces us to acknowledge what we are thinking, feeling and denying at the same time.  Conflict of inner will, per se.  When this conflict or differing opinions come into play, we are given the choice to decide which way to go.  But how do we decide which way to go if our mind and heart are saying, “yes, no or maybe” to one decision or possible course of action?

Awareness : What are your intentions?  When you become aware of your thoughts, you are given a true gift to transformation.  You will understand from your mental mind what you are fearing, caring about and resisting.  Just make a note of it and the next time it comes up, you can decide to change it’s power over you by embracing it, conversing with it to a better end or understand more about your code that no longer suits you.  The foundation to understanding and self empowerment.

Emotions : What are you feeling?  Your emotions get your attention and are there to make you question, what’s going on?  It is the negative emotions that get our attention the most and we often don’t understand why a particular tension based emotion comes up. We have patterns and energy systems that drive our actions and they are created from previous experiences and can get triggered when a similar circumstance presents itself.  Learn about and observe your emotional state and how it affects your body and thoughts.  Often when you are on the right path, your ego, your shadow, will rise up and try to stop you from moving forward.  It is your brains ability to protect itself and your subconscious need to not change and keep things familiar.  EFT tapping is always helpful in releasing negative emotional energy from your energetic system. You are an energy being.

Acceptance:  How do you see yourself? Our self concept is so powerful.  Within  our own mind we can focus on all the things wrong with us and forget totally how amazing we are.  It is a pattern, a habit we adopted long ago.  To break a pattern, we simply do something differently enough times that it becomes a new habit.  Not necessarily easy to do, right?  It’s a subconscious habit.. just below the surface of consciousness.  This is why emotions are so important in order to signal and need to heal, release, become aware and change a negative automatic habit of self abuse.  Accept everything about yourself including a tendency to be self critical and decide to take up your sword and defend your own honor.  “I understand I may be afraid of this ….. But I am changing that fear and know I am more powerful than my fears.”  “I have nothing to be afraid of and I accept and love who I am and will become through my growth and awareness”,  “All is well, I am transforming my life in all areas and I will be patient and compassionate with myself along the way”.
Your Life is Yours To Live. When you embrace your whole self, ego and all, you are more powerful than ever before to transform yourself and your environment.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.  If so, please feel free to share it.  Namaste,  Jade

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